Youxi Joint Terraces—10% of Fujian's Land

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:39:29
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Terraces are the greatest love of photographers. Yuanyang Terraces and Longji Terraces make many photographers lost in a reverie. People who have not been to Yuanyang will open eyes wide while talking of it, and those who have been to Yuanyuan all want to visit it again. Some even want to go there after eight visits. In contrast, Fujian Youxi Joint Terraces are still kept in purdah.

Fujian is well known for "mountains occupying 80% of Fujian's land, water 10%, and fields another 10%." It also has a lot of terraces. According to China National Geographic, Fujian mainly has seven to eight terrains in different locations and of different types, including Youxi Joint Terraces, Shexiang Terraces in Ningde Houdun, Dangui Terrances of Pucheng, Wuling Terraces of Fuzhou Minqing, Ancient Terraces of Yongtai Chibi, and Tulou Terrances of Nanjing. 

As a Fujianese, especially one growing up in the mountain area, I have an innate love towards countryside and land. So I must visit terraces. Among texts and pictures I can find, Youxi Joint Terraces are the most appealing to me. Known as the most beautiful terraces in Fujian, Youxi Joint Terraces are one of the photography base of Fujian Photographers Association. Of course, they are also known as one of the five charming terraces in China.

Farming in the air forms a beautiful landscape


Fascinating land sculpture


Layer upon layer of fields look like colorful clouds and waves



Looking from afar, faintly visible cottages make people revel in the dreamland


Mountains are surrounded by clouds and floating fog


The endless terraced fields are spectacular in the backdrop of winding hills