Nanding Island - Blending Water and Fire

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:40:12
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Nanding Island, an elliptical volcanic island emerged from beneath the sea, was the masterpiece of numerous volcanic eruption since 17 million years ago. Fantastic!


Listed in China's Top 10 Islands by Chinese National Geography in 2015, Nanding is one and only beauty in the world. 1,400,000 basaltic rocks stand on the island, demonstrating the dignity of a "world wonder". (PS: I wonder that will these rocks fall?)


In a long shot, the island appears like a bun and the lighthouse on it is small as a point. This 0.07 km2 is situated in coastal areas of Qianting, Zhangzhou.


However, you have to get all the luck to see the scenery because there is no wharf on the island, and waves are always big. Even you get the chance, difficulties are still ahead for landing and tidal time should be calculated first.

The island is called "Terra-Cotta Warriors of Sea".

A stretch of dark green rocks seen from a distance appears like a black jade lost in the sea.


Sometimes flowers grow on the rock, which is like a painting.


The volcano erupts from beneath the sea, giving us an illusion that it is burning with blue sea!



The dense cluster of rocks are hanging down to the ocean just like frozen fall, and are described as frozen music. 


Many who have come for its fame are blocked outside this isolated island, making it mysterious. Besides a good plan, luck is a key factor.




DIY tour

1. Take ferry at Xiamen Travel Ferry Terminal (not far away from Gulangyu Ferry Terminal) to Zhangzhou Port (15 minutes, RMB 8), and then shuttle bus to Coastal Volcano National Geological Park of Zhangzhou (RMB 12). The bus departs every half an hour.

2. Coach: Take coach (Xiamen-Qianting) at Xiamen Hubinnan Bus Hub direct to the destination. The coach departs at 10:40 and 16:00.

3. At the exit of Zhangzhou Railway Station, take Bus Line 26 (Shima) to Longhai Station, and then transfer to the destination via shuttle bus. 

Self-driving tour

A. From Xiamen: Take expressway at Xiamen Haicang - Dongyuan - Zhangzhao Expressway - Off expressway at Zhaojiabao - Fotang Town - Qianting Town - Jiangkou Village--Destination

B. From Zhangzhou: Zhangzhou-Longyan Expressway--Zhangzhou Port--Zhangzhao Expressway - Off expressway at Zhaojiabao - Fotang Town - Qianting Town - Jiangkou Village - Destination

C. From Shantou: Zhangzhao Expressway - Off expressway at Zhaojiabao - Fotang Town - Qianting Town - Jiangkou Village - Destination 


The tour to island largely depends on local climate, and the island may be closed to public for strong winds. Please check local temperature and wind conditions before the trip, and where possible contact the scenic spot for detailed information (0596-3649100). RMB 80 for the scenic spot, and another RMB 100 for Nanding Island. The area has another volcanic island - Linjin Island (RMB 50). 


Wood cabins, living facilities and canteen are available. 


Tel.: 0596-3649100, 0596-3649196.