Colorful Castles: Pingtan Stone Houses

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:42:07
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"Pingtan Island breeds no grass but stones, with sand blown by the wind and blockhouse-like houses..." The old folk song depicts the deserted history of Pingtan Island. Pingtan Island is rich in granite, so local people build houses with rich granite resources. Blockhouse-like stone houses form the original ecological landscape with simple and unsophisticated postures. They are not only the folk houses with unique style, but also the survival wisdom of island ancestors during their fights with the nature. Missed by island sons and daughters who go to the outside world for careers, these stone houses also become a new tourist attraction of Pingtan.
The followings are some lesser-known places to watch stone houses.

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Yuxian Village, Dalian Township
Dalian Township is located in the northwest of Pingtan County, Fujian Province, consisting of two inhabited island - Dalian Island and Xiaolian Island - and more than 60 uninhabited islands. Stone houses in Yuxian Village of Dalian Township are built according to the mountain terrain. Irregular stones are polished to build walls, forming the irregular arrangement of stone houses resembling abstract paintings. As far away from the main island, stone houses in Dalian Island an ancient and peaceful temperament. Chickens are ducks stroll on the stone paths occasionally. One or two curious kids run out the village from time to time. Colorful clothes dried in yards give a layer of soft colors to these stone houses.


Zhonglouyangmeikeng Village
Located at the foot of Mount Junshan, Zhonglouyangmeikeng Village is a wide expanse of flat land, with stone houses sitting among flat fields. During the alternation of spring and autumn, green peanut seedlings in fields and granite texture of stone houses form a high contrast watercolor. Looking from the top of Mount Junshan, the verdant green and Changjiang'ao windmills rotating in the distance make stone houses more beautiful.

Junshanhou Village
With important terrain, Junshanhou Village is located on the hillside of the highest mountain in Pingtan, Mount Junshan. Due to its special geographical location, a Taiwan camera crew chose Junshanhou Village to film the TV series "Ocean Couple" in 2011. Taiwan director Wang Yaqun said that she chose Mount Junshan as the main filming location because of the good visual effect and good sense of layering. "Ancient villages retain intact, one village linking to another. So far, I have not seen any other coastal cities having villages with such features."