Ancient Taining—Delicately Beautiful Landscape

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:43:40
Way Attractions: Taining World Geological Park Minister's Residential Complex Golden Lake

1.jpgLife is about growth in constant personal experiences. This time, my destination is Taining.

First, I visited the Big Golden Lake which consists of red mountains and blue water. Magnificent mountains are accompanied by elegant and gentle water, tempering hardness with softness, boldness with gracefulness. Standing outside the cabin, the breeze is refreshing. With sightseeing boats slowly move forward, Danxia waterfalls, beautiful peaks and moving scenes make people forget to leave.

For this trip, I have to mention this unique Danxia landform. Among landforms of the same kind, Danxia landform in Large Golden Lake is featured by large distribution area, broad types and large quantity of picturesque peaks and rocks. Visitors can take a boat to enjoy this unique geological structure. We also have taken a boat to enjoy this wonderful landscape.


Entrance ticket: 80 yuan / person; sightseeing boat: 80 yuan / person

Transportation: There are nonstop buses travelling between the county and the Big Golden Lake. The fare is 5 yuan per person and the travel time is about 30 minutes.

3.pngLocated in Big Golden Lake Scenic Area, the Sweet Dew Temple (Ganlu Temple) is the second stop if you take a boat trip. The temple was built in the sixteen year of Shaoxing Period of Song Dynasty (1146 AD), dating back over 850 years. The cave is more than 80 meters high, and over 30 meters deep. Its upper part is 30 meters wide, but the lower part is just over 10 meters wide, looking like an inverted triangle. The ancients turned this geographical disadvantage into an architectural advantage to adopt the unique architectural structure of "a column inserting into the ground without any tile". In other words, use a thick pillar to hold up four pavilions without any tile. The entire building is wooden, divided into Upper Hall, Shenlou Pavilion, Kwan-Yin Pavilion and Nan'an Pavilion. These four parts are connected together with the "T" shaped brackets without using iron nails. With this excellent workmanship, together with carved beams and painted rafters, this temple is a masterpiece in the history of architecture, famous at home and abroad.



The next morning, we had our breakfast and left the hotel for Shangqingxi drifting. We had worried that we would be under the blazing sun for quite a long time, but what surprised us was that the drifting was between canyons without direct sunshine for the most of the time. Drifting on the river was so comfortable and made us want to sleep. On our raft, there is a guy who slept all the way and said it was really enjoyable to sleep here when he left. While enjoying the cool breeze, listen to the helmsman's commentary and folk songs occasionally...


Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 

Ticket price: drifting fee 95 yuan / person 


This stream restrained between the deep valleys is less than ten meters wide. The narrowest spot only allows a raft to pass through. The water flow is not big with gentle rise and fall. "Drifting" in such an environment, one will not have the heart-stopping shocks, but will enjoy twists and turns and forget about worries and troubles, which is different from the objective of normal drifting.

For the last day of the trip, we planned to visit Zhaixia Grand Canyon and Lijiayan. Zhaixia Grand Canyon is located in Zhaixia Village, fifteen kilometers northwest away from Taining County. In Taining bus station, there are regular buses to Zhaixia.


Entrance ticket: 40 yuan / person

Transportation: Take the nonstop bus from the bus station at a fare of 7 yuan for about 40 minutes

10.pngLijiayan is next to Zhaixia Grand Canyon, so after leaving the Grand Canyon, we asked the local residents and found the way to Lijiayan. Along the way, there was no noise and bustle of the city, but red-brown mountains and rocks, and green farmland waiting for the harvest. While enjoying the scenery, we unknowingly finished the over 10 minutes of walk along the rugged mountain road.

11.pngEntrance ticket: Free

Transportation: One can ask local residents at the doorway of Zhaixia Grand Canyon for specific itinerary