A Carefree Travel in Pingtan

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:51:49
Way Attractions: Tannanwan Longfengtou Bathing Beach

ingtan is not far away from Fuqing, but even so I haven't been to Pingtan. This time, I go to Pingtan after being invited by friends repeatedly. After this trip, I find I have fallen in love with Pingtan, and I want to record honestly what I have seen as well as my real feelings without flowery language.
With a backpack on my back, I set foot on the way to Pingtan. There are a lot of buses traveling between Fuqing and Pingtan, departing one every 15 minutes. The ticket fare is RMB 23. After almost two hours, I arrived in Pingtan and my friend picked me up. She took me to eat local snacks directly. I thought that Fuqing and Pingtan were so close, and snakes of these two places should be almost the same. But it turned out that snakes in Pintan were different from those in Fuqing. My friend was very anxious to lead me to eat all snacks at a time.
Oyster pie:

Shi Lai Yun Zhuan:



First Stop: Tan'nan Bay
Taking a bus at Pingtan bus station, you will arrive in Tan'nan Bay after a less than 30 minutes ride. Tan'nan Bay is located in the southeast of Haitan Island, and Pingtan blows north wind most of the time, which makes seawater of Tan'nan Bay clean without contamination. Clear seawater, ten li of flat sandbeach, and soft waves with shimmering light and music sounds, make Tan'nan Bay resemble Hawaii and Beidaihe. Walking on the sponge-like fine white sand of the most beautiful Yuandang'ao Beach, you don't need to worry about being hurt by anything. You will not leave clear footprints on the sand, and the seawater permeating will keep your feet cool. Walking on the beach, sand blown up by sea wind makes you feel like walking up to clouds while being surrounded by mist.图片23.png图片24.png图片25.pngSecond Stop: Mount Jiangjun
After visiting Tan'nan Bay, we returned to the highroad and went to Mount Jiangjun by bus. Mount Jiangjun is a control tower of former military exercises. My friend told me not to walk, because there was a long way though it seemed close. Tan'nan Bay is free, but Mount Jiangjun requires an entrance ticket of RMB 10. We returned to Pingtan County at about 4:00 p.m. The last bus returning to the county from Mount Jiangjun departs at 6:30 p.m.图片26.png图片27.png图片28.png 

After the travel, I went to my friend's home to have supper.QQ截图20151204204755.pngThird Stop: Longfengtou Bathing Beach
You can take Pingtan bus 6 and get off at the Pingtan Youth Palace Station. We barbecued, launched Kongming lanterns and took a walk on the beach.图片30.pngFourth Stop: East Ocean Wonderland
On the opposite of the bus station, you go through a farm produce fair and will see many minibuses to Liushui and Immortal Well. Tell the conductor that you want to go to the Immortal Well (bus ticket: RMB 8; entrance ticket of Immortal Well: RMB 15, half-price with student ID). The entrance ticket of East Ocean Wonderland is RMB 15 per visit. At that time, the conductor told us that she knew how to escape the ticket. According to her, a few steps ahead of the ticket office of East Ocean Wonderland, there is a hotel. Enter the hotel and go up the stairs on the right hand side, you can enter the scenic spot directly. So it's free of charge. The seaside scenery is very beautiful with blue seawater and very unique stone houses.QQ截图20151204204905.png图片32.pngQQ截图20151204204948.png