Architectural Treasure “Tulou Group”

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:56:10
Way Attractions: Yongding Earthen Dwellings


Today I visited “Yongding Tulou”. After studying the route and conditions at scenic spots, I felt if I went there by myself form the tourist distributing center, it would not be more convenient and cheaper than the package tour. So we jointed a package tour with the price of RMB 118 / person. It was very convenient that we didn’t need to go to the tourist distributing center because the travel agency picked us up at the hotel.



Tulou, the Hakka residence group in Longyan area of west Fujian, in square, round, octagonal, oval or other shapes, is honored as the “oriental ancient castle”, “world architectural treasure”, “unique in the world” in the art of world residence. With long history, large scale, beautiful style, ingenious structure, complete functions, it is scientific, practical and distinctive, with great value of history, art and science. 

“Yongding Tulou” refers to the Tulou (earth building) in Yongding County in general, while today we mainly visited the Gaobei Tulou Group; there is the “King of Round Building” Chengqi Building and long-history Wuyun Building and Shize Building, as well as the “Building of Doctor” Qiaofu Building. 

Wandering among the Tulous, you might feel as if backing to the past and entering a strange space; entering the Tulou built by mixed loess and straws, you will see the courtyard within courtyard, circle inside another circle, combinations of curve and round, straight line and square, straight and curve lines and square and round shapes, never repeated buildings and plain and elegant decorations; hundreds of people live under the same roof, together morning and night in great harmony, embodying Hakka people’s tradition of solidarity and friendship passed down for generations, which is indeed the typical sample of the harmonious coexistence between human and nature. 




Form the far-sighted view, various blooms all over the areas and diverse green trees as well as the pristine Tulou enhance the beauty of each other. When quietly seeing and carefully appreciating the Tulou, you will in a mood different from being at other general scenic spots, exactly as the praises and metaphors of many experts and scholars at home and abroad: like a castle in ancient Rome lofty in the sky; like a black flying saucer dropping from the sky; like a hazy ancient moon hanging in eastern sky; like an ancient well never dry; like an extensive and profound encyclopedia never finished. Nowadays, many tourists attracted by its reputation visit this place, only to feel the magnificent momentum and for the instantaneous beauty when the genial sunshine in the west Fujian shining on the earth wall. 




However, what I regretted was that the simple and pure beauty was weakened by various noises resulting from commercial activities and taking photos and tourists were charged a lot for visiting upstairs. The panoramic shot was even computer processed to deceive tourists. What a pity!

It required three-hour drive to get there or back from there, so the visiting time actually was only two hours. It was 6 p.m. when the bus reached Zhongshan Road. It was happy to wander on the Taiwanese Snack Street and taste various Taiwanese snacks. It was 9 p.m. after when we returned to the hotel, time for rest…