Taxia Village - Zhouzhuang of Southern Fujian

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An S creek flows between mountains and breeze in the mountain brings fresh air, giving me a detached feeling.

This is Taxia Village, a tranquil land of idyllic beauty in South China.


Starting at the turning of Yuan and Ming dynasty, Taxia has experienced a history of over 600 years. Taxia is a typical Hakka residential structure. Earthen dwellings in Fujian have attracted many visitors with its fame, and Taxia also has a dilapidated earthen building.



In the high mountains and dense woods in the southwest of Fujian, robbers and beasts appeared from time to time, and different clans and villages would sometimes fight against each other. For this reason, local villagers built enclosed earthen buildings both for residence and defence. 


Houses here are mostly built near the mountain and by the river. Setting sun, ringing creek and best companion...what a fascinating scene!


23 stone flagpoles (over 10 meter high) with dragon patterns reach up into the sky. Magnificent!

Taxia is also home to glowworms, which fly in the sky like lights at every summer night. (PS: Missing my childhood friends.)


Mellow and round pebble tracks record footprints of local villagers.


Taxia is a longevity village in Nanjing, and also a pioneer in Nanjing to open tea farms, growing various species of tea. It is abound in fruits like orange, persimmon and plum, and offers many Hakka delicacies like pancake, stewed pork with brown sauce, Yong Tau Foo and meat rolls.


Come and see the "Zhouzhuang of Southern Fujian", watching sunset and hearing stories behind earthen dwellings.




Tour planning

It takes half a day to visit roughly attractions like Deyuan Ancestral Temple, flagpoles, Yude Lou and Shunchang Lou.

Route A: Taxia Village + Deyuan Ancestral Temple + Yuchang Lou + Tianluokeng Earthen Dwellings 


98 km away from Zhangzhou downtown, 60 km away from Nanjing, and 5 km away from Yongding Hongkeng Earthen Dwellings.

1. A tour combining Taxia Village and Hongkeng Earthen Dwellings is a good choice. Take motorcycle from Taxia to Hongkeng (RMB 10).

2. Shuttle buses are always available from Nanjing to Yuchang Lou (1 hour drive). Yuchang Lou, 3 km away from Taxia, is accessible by motorcycle (RMB 5 to 10).

3. A shuttle bus departs every 8:30 a.m. at Xiamen Hubinnan Bus Hub to Yuchang Lou. The whole journey is about 3 hours. Yuchang Lou, 3 km away from Taxia, is accessible by motorcycle (RMB 5 to 10).


Xiamen-Nanjing shuttle coach

From Nanjing Bus Terminal 5:50 am-5:50 pm

From Xiamen Hubinnan Bus Hub 8:30 am-5:30 pm

The coach departs every hour with RMB 45 each, and the journey to Hukeng takes about 4 hours. There is a road from Hukeng to Nanxi Earthen Dwellings, and you can take motorcycle at the junction for round trip which costs no more than RMB 25. 

Contact (Nanjing): 0596-7980000

Contact (Xiamen): 0592-6698378 8592076

Rental service: Liu Zhicheng, 7-seat minibus Tel.: 13959628178 13656053669 QQ: 1070048243 


During your tour in Taxia Village, you can have meals in the lodges. Generally, local Hakka food like braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce, chicken soup with ginger and wine, rice wine and Mazi are supplied. Be sure not to miss local specialities. The average consumption per person is about RMB 30.

Accommodation in Taxia is convenient and nice. Amid increasing development of local lodges, many are built in beautiful and quiet earthen dwellings so that tourists can directly experience local customs and unique charm of Hakka Culture. 

Online booking is recommended. 


Specialities like home-made candied ginger, dried persimmon, malt sugar and dried plum may be bought from local farmers. As for tea, find some insiders for your guidance 


RMB 90 for route A.