Mulan Dam Tour

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:06:53
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I first heard of Mulan Dam for its historical greatness in my first year of college but never got the chance to see it myself. At first, I believed that places that I knew but never visited were not worthwhile for a look, but then I found that some places are only worthy of a visit during right seasons. It seems that spring days are good for tour. Earlier, I knew some travel plan to Mulan Dam, but I didn't make it either for organizer or time.


Finally, I got the time at a weekend, and left for Mulan Dam together with a big crowd. The organizer even prepared some plastic bags to prevent us from wet feet during strawberries picking. That's really nice. Our bus walked a long distance and finally stopped at the destination. Walking on winding country roads, we passed Liubu (Six Steps) Bridge. Interesting name! It was said that there was similar names like Wubu (Five Steps) Bridge. Fuzhou has a place called Nanmen Dou, and Putian has a place called Dongmen Dou.

After the road below an overbridge, a trail unfolded before us into a stretch of Chinese chives. Such scale of Chinese chives even made me who grew up in rural areas stunned. "Are we here picking chives or strawberries?” someone joked. It seemed that all were impatient to see strawberries. Hundreds of steps forward, we reached strawberry farm but had no sight of strawberries. When we squat down for a closer look, we found red delicacies hidden behind leaves.


Worthy trip, wasn't it? All then rushed to the bank for strawberries. When I walked toward another direction, I saw a wild bird hanging from the cable. Some sort of wretched! While walking, I caught sight of a dog lying lazily on the bank in the sun. As I felt like eating no more strawberries, I sat on the bank to capture some great moments. In a long shot, I captured a girl enjoying a strawberry. Nice expression!

In the touch of spring breeze, I began to envy such idyllic life. It is great to get close to our mother nature. Beautiful scenery and strawberries given occasionally by ladies...Fantastic! I thought landlords in ancient times were living such a life, and that's the reason why many peasants were eager to take them down.


Back to Mulan Dam, we realized that this was our primary destination for the trip. It was a pity that all felt a little tired. However, the best always comes last. Mulan Dam would stimulate all. This time, I was no longer an onlooker. I was here to experience the charm of ancient culture. I didn't know the history of Mulan Dam, and I could only know that it has a long history from those stones and legends.

Antiquity is popular in these years. Maybe the older things are, the more they can stimulate us. Flooded by similar stuff, we can only satisfy our curiosity with something different. The bridge is special for it was built with stones, and no rails were made. Only two platforms stretched at both sides every five meter. It is like a centipede from a distance. The bridge crosses over the river with tranquil waters at one side, and raging waters at the other side. This is the function: blocking waters for impoundment. Saying goodbye to the bridge, we returned through the same way. A temple sits there with a stone tablet standing in front of it, saying "Mulan Dam".

I wondered what Mulan Dam refers to? Temple, bridge or both? Our trip concluded here.