Garden of Putian

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:12:48
Way Attractions: Jiulong Valley Forest Park

1.jpgKowloon Valley Forest Park, located in Juanxi, Changtai Town, Chengxiang District, Putian, Fujian, is long reputed as a garden of Putian. Bordering on provincial scenic area Nine Carp Lake, the park enjoys downstream falls ("Xia Jiu Li") of Nine Carp Lake. The park, with a distance of only 32km from Putian downtown, is accessible by taking the ring road around beautiful Dongzhen Reservoir and then pass Yangbian Village (Changtai) - China's No.1 Village in Loquat. Kowloon Valley is a great place for barbecue, rock climbing, boating and drifting.

Let's tour Kowloon Valley for its scenery with my photos!



1. EMU Train

Visitors from Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou may take train to Putian Railway Station.

2. Bus


At the exit of Putian Railway Station, take Line 23 to Putian Municipal Procuratorate, and then switch to Line 96 or Line 98. About one hour's drive along mountain roads, you will see Kowloon Valley.

(2) Putian Municipal Procuratorate - Kowloon Valley (RMB 8)

Line 96 is recommended as the road taken by it is smoother than that of Line 98. 

3. Self-driving tour

Fuzhou-Kowloon Valley: Take Liwen Expressway or 316 Highway to Putian downtown, then drive toward Changtai Town.


Water landscape in Kowloon Valley is diversified, tranquil, spectacular and clear. Cascades hit the water, with splashes just like pearls. What a magnificent scene! Waters in pools reflect colours like blue or green, and mountains around cast interesting reflections in the water. On the upper stream, rocks in various shapes rise steeply, demonstrating uncanny workmanship of the nature. The climate in the park always works miracle. In the morning, misty fogs drift all around, sometimes thick and sometimes thin. In rainy days, rainbows will appear indistinctly over the cascade.


At the gate of the park, there is a giant stone saying "China Magical Kowloon Valley".

Admission: RMB 50


Kowloon Valley boasts different falls, and you can take bamboo raft (RMB 100, 6 seats per raft) to see it closely on green water.


Alternatively, you can enjoy scenery along Xiake Passage or wooden gallery to relax yourself from daily chores.