“China’s high-speed train along the most beautiful line starts its travel”

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:14:43
Way Attractions: Nine-Bend Stream

The Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway launches a “China’s most beautiful high-speed line along world-heritage site”, and along the line there are many scenic spots including Wuyi Mountain, Mount Huang, Wuyuan and Sanqing Mountain.


day1. Shanghai→Wuyi Mountain

This day is not detailed here. Anyhow it was packing my luggage, and brought the backpack and waist bag and took the Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed rail to set out for the trip.

day2. Tiger Roaring Crag→ A Thread of Sky

After the breakfast, we headed to the south gate of the scenic spot by taking Bus No. 6. The bus ticket is charged based on the travel distance and it takes one yuan to travel from the south of Sangu Resort to the south gate of the scenic spot. You need to prepare some one-yuan banknotes or coins for taking the bus, because you won't get change.

It takes ten minutes to the south gate by bus.


The well-known little tour train in the scenic spot

You can choose to take the little tour train or middle bus, the former is a bit slow. The buses are parked by the terminus. Don’t take the wrong bus.

Getting off in Tiger Roaring Crag

Tiger Roaring Crag: According to legend, there was a fairy riding a tiger roaring on it, hence the spot got its name. The roars of a tiger actually come from a giant cave which roars when winds passing through the cave, shaking the mountains. So it was named Tiger Roaring Crag. The main attractions are Tiancheng Temple and Eight Spots in Tiger Roaring Crag.


Steep True Man Slop

True Man Slop: there is a famous saying that “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man”. Actually there are three well-known True Man Slops, respectively in Lushan, Great Wall and Wuyi Mountain. The True Man Slop here is located within the Tiger Roaring Crag area and is a side path. One path leads upwards and one path leads downwards. The upward path is a hard stretch, like a straight giant dragon if you look upwards, and will take you a great many of physical strength.

After back to the side path, you can take the other path leading to the foot of the slop.

Down the hill, you will find a wonderful sight, many sticks pressing banknotes of fifty cents or ten cents against the hill, what is called “finding a patron”, a way of praying.


Tiancheng Temple in Tiger Roaring Crag, built without a single brick or tile

After leaving the Tiger Roaring Crag, there are two paths, one leading to Jade Maiden Peak, and also to the station, the other leading to a crawlerway which is the access to A Thread of Sky. The crawlerway leading to A Thread of Sky is a mountainous path of about 2km. considering that it would take much time, we chose to take the tourist coach in the station to A Thread of Sky.


A Thread of Sky: There are many scenic spots in A Thread of Sky area. A Thread of Sky in Wuyi Mountain is a longest but narrowest passage in China, only 40cm or so wide in the narrowest part, where you need to edge along it to pass through. It was said that once there was a fat man stuck there, so people after him had to go back along the original way to let the fat man out. People walked slowly in the crack and it totally took us over 20 minutes to finish it.


It was totally dark in A Thread of Sky and when we just entered the cave, there were bats flying above. I once read that the bats in the cave are rare white bats, but, because the light is really bad, I could take any pictures of bats.

If you want to experience the true feeling of passing through A Thread of Sky, you can visit it late as there are few people there then. You will have a special experience absolutely different from the trip with many people, really very eerie.

Day3. Imperial Tea Garden - Heavenly Tour Peak - Wuyi Academy - Peach Blossom Cavern - Crow Beach

When you arrive at Tianyou scenic spot, you will see the Imperial Tea Garden at the entrance.


Imperial Tea Garden: it is a historical site of imperial tea garden of Yuan Dynasty, once specially serving teas for emperors and higher-up officials. It was said on the day of Waking of Insects every year, a grand ceremony was held here before people began their tea leaves picking operation, where people shouted “tea trees have sprouted, tea trees have sprouted”.



Before you arrive at the Heavenly Tour Peak, you will pass through the Wuyi Academy




Wuyi Academy: also called Ziyang Academy and Ancestral Hall of Zhu Xi, a private school of high position in China’s education history established by Zhu Xi. Further, Zhu Xi completed his commentaries of the four books, which is the standard textbook for ancient imperial civil service examination.

Here began the Heavenly Tour Peak climbing

Heavenly Tour Peak:

Heavenly Tour Peak is the essence of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot, divided into the upper part and the lower part by the Glancing Pavilion. At the upper left side of the pavilion is the upper part; below it, there is Rugged Hillock and along the Huma Mountain Stream is the lower part. The Glancing Pavilion is located at the verge of a cliff, and is an excellent viewing station. Leaning against the railing from here and looking around, you will see a sea of clouds, peaks floating in such clouds, sinuous mountain streams and drifting rafts. It is really an ideal place to get the panoramic view of Wuyi mountains and rivers, making you open-minded and carefree while forgetting to return.



On the way down the Heavenly Tour Peak, there is a fork in the path and so two side paths, one is the path chose by most tourists down the mountain and the other is leading to the Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern. The latter is not a tough one, just ordinary mountainous path, but it takes much longer time as you have to tamp over hill and dale. You may also take a vehicle to the Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern, depending on your physical strength.

Down the mountain, you can go to Nine-Bend Stream and Crow Beach. As soon as you arrive at the Waterfall Pavilion, you can a pool which always attracts many tourists playing in the water.



After a visit in the Crow Beach, we came back to the foot of the Heavenly Tour Peak where we took the little tour train to leave the scenic spot and then Bus No. 6 back to the hotel.

Day4. Drifting in Nine-Bend Stream-Wuyi Palace

Wuyi Mountain City is the only emerging tourism city named after the famous Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. Wuyi Mountain scenic spot, with long history and aggregation of human life, has long been known for "clear waters and red mountains". Among them, one of the most essential attractions is Drifting in Nine-Bend Stream.

We took the tourist bus and arrived at the raft wharf. Together with other tourists, we total six tourists rent a raft for drifting.






Wuyi Palace:
Wuyi Palace, also called Fairies Gathering Temple, Chongyou Temple and Eternity Palace, was a place where emperors in different dynasties made offerings to Wuyi God, and also one of the six famous temples in Song Dynasty. Wuyi Palace, located at the mouth of Nine-Bend Stream, is the portal and the oldest temple of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot. Nowadays two dragon wells and the Eternity Palace and Sanqing Palace still survive.


The Spring Garden is in front of you after you pass an ancient street of Song Dynasty Style.


Spring Garden:

Spring Garden is on the site of the Spring Hut of Song Dynasty and then was used as tea plantation after the hut is destroyed. The local people, utilizing the tranquil and serene environment, have developed it into an arboretum of garden style. The arboretum has gathered over 100 rare orchids and meticulously made them into potted plants. In the Spring Garden, you can watch Wuyi tea cultural performance and have Wuyi Rock Tea.

When you step out the Spring Garden, you will see the Zhizhi Hut.

Zhizhi Hut


Zhizhi Hut is hidden in such a quiet place like a chaste girl and rarely called on by ordinary tours. In the ancient time, Zhizhi Hut was a very famous hut favored by many clerisies and sage people.

After leaving the hut, we stayed for a while by a river before returning along the original way. Then we took the tour coach at Wuyi Palace Station to the south gate and then Bus No. 6 to the hotel.