Self-driving travel in Xiamen, the family’s 2015 summer tour plan

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:29:06
Way Attractions: Xiamen University

Originally we planned to go out at eight o'clock, but we did not get up till the hour hand had pointed to nine. Both of us were overslept. So we just quickly packed up and had our breakfast before starting out. Now we just arrived at the Guangdong-Fujian toll station and along the road further we would left Guangdong Province and entered Fujian Province.


It was the midday when we arrived in Xiamen, and the first stop was the restaurant recommended by Mr. Zhang Xinmin, a gourmet of Chaozhou and Santou foods. All the dishes we ordered tasted good, and only took us 150 yuan for four people, two adults and two kids, really cheap. The kids were very satisfied with the rice fried with seaweed and my favorite one was this little cucumber fried with meat and garlic. I did not  know how many little cucumbers I have ate.



South Putuo Temple


Summer lotus


I have been to many temples and in my opinion, in such a times that even the temples prepare themselves for listing in stock exchange, South Putuo Temple is a true temple for genuine practice, requiring no tickets, no gifts or money in other ways but declining candles and incenses.


Howling dragon


Great Benevolence Palace 


At the side of the mountain, you can overlook Xiamen University


At the end of the trip in South Putuo Temple, we paid a visit to Xiamen University


Classroom building of Xiamen University


Lake and Science and Arts Center of Xiamen University


Xiamen University is really beautiful. There were many tourists and the students were not so many as it is in the summer holiday now


Dormitory of Xiamen University. Living here is much better than living in high-rising building, isn’t it?


Science and Arts Center. Science and arts, what a contradictory combination


The buildings in Xiamen University are of unique style, not like those of other universities just resembling cuboid



Guanyin Temple 


Murmuring phenix


This is the  dream water world in Guanyin Mountain. It was super crowded. As we did not bring with us the bathing suits and would have to avoid many items, we finally just passed it.


This is the sand sculpture park. What a pity that we were not allowed to get in


When we arrived at the beach, some people were erecting their tents for camping there


The site for camping is only one corner of the beach. Here is the main playground. The seaside in summer, especially the beach, is always crowded with people anywhere. It is a pity that we could not play water. And the sands are not soft enough. So we just sat on the beach to catch the ocean breeze.