A beautiful fishing village in Xiamen

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:33:18
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Xiaodeng Island, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Xiamen, even was once selected as the candidate of the top ten most beautiful villages in Fujian, though eventually defeated by Lvtang Village in Xiamen. 

People both having visiting Lvtang and Xiaodeng Villages may be surprised over such a result. Why such a beautiful place fallen in the selection? I also do not understand. And a local friend once told me the reason, but it was the local statement and I did not know where it was credible, so I would avoid it here.  

Being exposed to such amazing beach, who would not be reluctant to leave?


Quite small though, Xiaodeng Island has a lot of unique landscapes: air defense tunnel of about 1300m long running through the whole island; former residence of Qiu Kui, a famous Confucian scholar of Song Dynasty; "Fujian Sago Cycas King" aged over 500 and flowering every year; battlefield Taiwan broadcasting tower ruins... and the most famous one would be Kinmen island on the other side: the closest distance between the two places is 1.8 km. So no wonder some people quipped that the cock crow at Xiaodeng Island can awaken the hens in Kinmen.


"Sanpin spring" is called a great spectacle in Xiaodeng Island. As the poetry goes that: "Sanpin spring’s sweetness is rare in the world, the more surprising thing is such spring located in an island would be salty". Sanpin Springs is located at a corner of the sandy beach about 40 meters offshore. The sands were dug and drained for three times, the salt in the water would fade and then the water turns from light salty to sweet, and the clarity is higher than purified water. Is there spring in the sea? Anyway the attraction is a wonder since the ancient time and was located just three or four years ago. There is no sign for it and whether you can find it relies on your luck. 

The most famous thing in Xiaodeng Island surely is seafood, fresh but not expensive (of course not very cheap). With a payment of 400 – 600 yuan per table, the offers would satisfy you and your fellows.QQ截图20151204213140.jpg

Fishing boats starting out for fishing 


The transportation to Xiaodeng Island is quite convenient. It is a small island close to Kinmen Island. It will take you about one and a half hours from Xiamen Island to Dedeng Island where you take boat to Xiaodeng Island. 


There is a trade market of Kinmen specialties in Dadeng Island and you may spend some time to visit around there. But the commodities there are quite adequate.

Dadeng Island is not so attractive as Xiaodeng Island.

Self-driving travel is recommended or you can charter a vehicle. The last bus is scheduled at an early time and so if you leave for it by bus, you should not miss the bus.