Blue Sky and Water - Beautiful Pingtan

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:34:46
Way Attractions: Longfengtou Bathing Beach Tannanwan

Pingtan is really beautiful. With blue sky and water, white sand and fine stones, I think it is better than Jeju Island! And Jeju doesn't have such good sand beaches! After the inspection, we immediately asked for hotels reservation, but found that almost all quasi-five star hotels were booked up in August. The 2-day travel cost about RMB 900. Now, I'll describe my travel.

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Pingtan is mainly visited by outdoors organizations and travel agents basically haven't developed Pingtan route, so we have always thought that Pingtan is a small fishing village with primitive conditions.图片78.png 
But when we arrived in the downtown, we were shocked. The unified planned hotels, houses and outer wall decorations on Xihang Road, together with flashing neon and passing vehicles, make the downtown look like a small European town.
Pingtan is actually a comprehensive experimental zone under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province. Facing Taiwan across the sea, Pingtan is the closest place on the mainland to Taiwan, also the largest island in Fujian Province.
Because we booked hotel rooms only a few days earlier, several quasi-five hotels in downtown were booked up. You know, it was Wednesday! But the Ramada Hotel we lived in is also very good. As an international hotel brand of the world's largest hotel group, Ramada is a quasi-four star hotel, not far from the beach. The most important thing is that our dinner - seafood stalls - is on the opposite of the street!图片79.png图片80.png图片81.png 

Seafood stalls and barbecue are on Longfeng Road. Half of the street is occupied by family-style seafood restaurants. There is a seafood barbecue square at the end of the street which is very lively with many customers after 9 p.m. 图片82.png 

In fact, Pingtan is also known as Fujian "Maldives" in Fujian. The island has only four scenic spots and their charges are not expensive. In addition, these scenic spots are along the beach and almost can be seen along an island ring road.
Here, I must mention Pingtan island ring road, which is even better than that of Xiamen! All the way down, the traffic flow is small and road condition is good with luxuriant trees. At dusk, opening car windows to enjoy sea breeze and some music, you will feel you can drive the car indefinitely with lights all along the way.图片83.pngThis is the first scenic spot we inspected, the East Ocean Wonderland. On the way to this scenic spot, cottages are all built with stones. Because of its late development, a large number of original buildings of the island retain graceful and simple.图片84.pngAlong the way, there are fishermen attentively mending their nets.图片85.png图片86.png 

We have been to Jeju but think the scenery here is better. There is a natural sea well with a diameter of nearly 50 meters and a depth of over 40 meters. The well wall is steep, allowing people to take a boat to enter the hole. The bottom of the well is covered with rounded pebbles and some people will take off shoes to walk on it.图片87.pngThere is a viewing platform in the distance. You can really enjoy the blue sky and even bluer sea. It is said that it only costs two and a half hours travelling from here to Taichung by boat! But we need six hours going back to Wenzhou!图片88.png图片89.png 

This is a small fishing port we passed. The wind dropped, and the waves subsided. Some fishing boats berthed here.图片90.png 

Fishermen here will ask you if you want to go to the sea for fishing. In fact, you can buy fresh seafood after they drag nets. It is said that it will only cost twenty to thirty yuan per person. Then you can divide seafood with others. 图片91.pngThis is a pile of mussels at the height a person. People in fishing villages will dry mussels in the sun. You'll smell a very strong fishy smell while passing by. Generally, female villagers here will wear a hat and a scarf, as well as long sleeve clothes and long pants, because the seaside sunshine is two strong!图片92.png 

There are two well-known and free of charge beaches in Pingtan! This is the Longfengtou Bathing Beach next to the downtown area. The bathing beach provides some entertainment facilities for a fee. A few steps away there is a sand sculpture city which also requires charges.图片93.png图片94.pngThis is another beach named Tan'nan Bay. It is more natural with relatively simple facilities, for its tourism has almost not been developed. After all, it is a bit far from the downtown. Passing winding paths, houses of fisherman, and then a lush pine forest, our vision is suddenly open. It turns out that we have reached the sea shore again. 图片95.png 
There are twelve beaches here being operated by private contractors. The sand here is soft and fine. Stepping on the sand barefoot feels like walking on a carpet. You will also feel the coolness left by the tide. The seawater is really crystal clear!图片96.pngThis beach also has a volleyball court. Of course, the court is very simple, but playing in water is the coziest thing. At sunset, let's sit and barbecue on the beach with friends, wave light sticks, or hold a campfire, singing, dancing and laughing!图片97.pngOn the way to Tan'nan Bay, you will go by Taiwan Goods Duty-free Market of Pingtan. The building is very grand. All commodities sold are from Taiwan. It started operation in this June. You will feel it's very worth of buying Taiwan's food and cosmetics here. This is the front entrance. People are not allowed to take pictures inside. And you must swipe your ID card before leaving. 图片98.pngWe inspected three quasi-five star hotels in downtown and finally chose this one, because it is the only one with free swimming pool and gym! And the hotel has a small garden and a lake. At dusk, one can walk along the hotel's plank road which is pleasantly cool.图片99.png 
This picture was taken while we were leaving Pingtan. Windmills generating power are standing on the small hill, together with some houses. At the foot of the hill, there is a small fishing port.图片101.png 

Generally speaking, Pingtan has given me a big surprise! It boasts bustling downtown, simple fishing villages and primitive landscape. For Pingtan's tourism has just started without too many tourist groups, it's a good choice to visit it now.