A Tour Embracing Cool Water in Mandarin Ducks Creek in Baishuiyang Creek

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:44:44
Way Attractions: Baishuiyang

You may wonder whether there is such a place where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape in a refreshed state while you can go boating and play water. What a perfect place for summer!

So today, an excellent scenic spot for playing water is recommended to you. Pingnan Baishuiyang Creek, you are really worth of it!

Baishuiyang Creek is currently the one and only "shallow water square" in the world with its flat riverbed about 2 kilometers long and the widest part about 182 meters wide and with a total area of 80,000 square meters. The surprising thing is that it is only made of one huge rock. The riverbed has uniform depth and is clean without gravels. When you walk on the riverbed, the water is only touching you below your ankles. The water is glittering in the sun, reflecting the white light. So it is named Baishuiyang Creek. Along the lower and middle section, there is a natural slideway of nearly one hundred meters long, even suitable for you drifting naked without any hurt to your skin. It is known as the "natural surfing pool."

However, a personal experience would be more amazing and realistic than the words you read.

In mid-July, I took a trip to the Baishuiyang Creek with my fellows. So now I would like to uncover the mysterious veil of the Baishuiyang Creek for you.

(I) Baishuiyang Creek 


Along the twisty mountainous path there are thick trees lined

After we arrived at the tourist area, a battery car sent us to a stone arch and from there we got off and walked to the service center of the Baishuiyang Creek. There already had been a sea of people when we arrived, and we could not wait to replace the clothes and wear non-slip socks before running toward the creek. 


People hurried up to get down the stairs and play water 


Tourists frolicking in the water

I and some girls started out a little awkwardly, daring not to really embrace the water till we saw a kid quickly found a space and lay himself in the water. Then we gradually tried to lie in the water deeper, only leaving half the head over the water. 

The riverbed is smooth without cracks and mosses. The water depth does not vary much, generally only touching you below your ankle. Do remember that when you visit the Baishuiyang Creek, you should walk in the water barefooted to feel the cool of the river water while enjoying a food massage


Sunlight, white water and ripples, making up the colorful riverbed 


Playing barefooted to fully enjoy the cool bestowed by the nature

(II) Mandarin Ducks Creek

Mandarin Ducks Creek (Yiyang) scenic spot is located at the downstream of Baishuiyang Creek. It is named as there are thousands of pairs of mandarin ducks migrating from the north to spend the winter here. The scenic spot has thick forests and the lengthways depth of the canyon is over 500m while the narrowest part of the transverse span is only 1m wide, forming hundreds of miles of three-dimension gallery.

However, there was still a pity that we had no chance to view the sight of thousands of pairs of mandarin ducks.


Forests, murmuring brooks and wild creepers are seen anywhere



Waterfall pours down, hitting stones and rocks, and mists and drizzles are rising

(III) Food

In recent years, the eco dishes are receiving great favor from dinners. Those farmhouse dishes in Baishuiyang Creek are worth a try.


Black rice of Baishuiyang Creek: black rice is a kind of food which local people eat on the day when the summer begins. It is made of white glutinous rice dyed with the sap of leaves of a kind of tree and Chinese dates.


Taro cake of Baishuiyang Creek: taro cake is a kind of popular food in Baishuiyang Creek that would show up at the table on the lunar New Year. The taro cake fried has special taste and aroma.