A three-day tour in Ningde would cover Yushan Island and Taimu Mountain (helpful and useful)

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Way Attractions: Dayushan Island Taimu Mountain Resort


Taimu Mountain has become a destination I would not miss when I plan a trip to Fujian since I knew it from a poem of Li Bai that “according to people Wuyue State, Taimu Mountain is sometimes seen or sometimes hidden in the clouds”. What’s more, Taimu Mountain is actually not far away from Ningbo, only taking about two hours and forty minutes by motor train. So Taimu Mountain is the place where I would visit.

But I thought in a period of three days and two nights, I should plan some other destinations. And it proved that the trip to Taimu Mountain just took you just some time longer than half of the period. Then I read Yushan Island on the Internet which was once listed one of the ten most beautiful sea islands in China by the magazine of Chinese National Geography. There are many enchanting sceneries like lakes, highland pasture and sea landscape on the island.

So I added Yushan Island to my schedule without hesitation. Now all are ready now. Mountains, islands, pasture, what a good tour plan.

Travel schedule:

Day 1: taking Ningbo-Taimu Mountain motor train at 17:08 pm and then directly heading to the hotel reserved (in Qinyu Town)

Day 2: Yushan Island (staying on Yushan Island at night)

Day 3: Taimu Mountain; at the end of the trip, taking Taimu Mountain-Ningbo motor train


For the sake of convenience and to save time, we chose to charter a vehicle during the tour.

Commuter boat for Yushan Island:

There is one commuter boat starting out at 12:00 at noon to the island. In other period, if there are enough passengers, additional commuter shift will be arranged.

The time for commuter boat departing from the island is 7:00 am, 1:10 pm, 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. In other period, if there are enough passengers, additional commuter shift will be arranged.

13959399573。Contact of the person responsible for commuter boat service information: 13959399573.

Now let me show you the specific schedule.

Day 1:

After we got off the motor train, we directly headed to the hotel for rest and have super. Then we called to charter a vehicle which would pick up us at 8:00 am next morning.

Day 2:

We got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast half hour later. The driver picked us up at about 8:00 am to Yujing wharf and then we took boat to Yushan Island.

There are two boats departing to the island, respectively at about 9:00 am and 12:00 at noon (or 13:00 pm or 14:00pm). The boat may depart in advance if there are enough passengers. It takes about half an hour to Yushan Island.



(Source of picture: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/529564.html)

That is Yushan Island in front of you when you get off the boat at the wharf.

There are several villages on the island and the village where wharf is located is Mazu Village, a comparatively larger village. And the board and lodging here are quite convenient. So we found a hotel and had our lunch.

After the lunch, we walked along the road to the ticket office which is located beside one rural credit cooperative. You would find it if walking along the slope from the wharf. The next thing surely was to buy tickets and then line up to take a vehicle to the hill. The bus to the attraction only departs when no seat is left. It took nearly 20 minutes to the dual-lake scenic spot.


Yushan Island was called Fuyao Islands in the ancient times, meaning “a place of blessing” or “a beautiful gem”. At the altitude of 200m, there are two lakes, one is larger and the other one is smaller. There are peaks in the shape of volcano surrounding the lakes. Yushan Island is also famous for such special attraction. The large lake has an area of over 1,000mu and the small one over 200mu and the two lakes are over 1,000m away from each other. Both lakes have spring and clear and crystal water.

5.jpg(Source of picture: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/529564.html)

The place surrounding the small lake is the ideal location for camping in Yushan Island.

When we ascended the top of the hill and looked around, there is surprisingly a large pasture without boundary surrounded by the sea.


(Source of picture: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/529564.html)

Overlooking the small lake surrounded by hills from the mountain ridge

7.jpg11.jpg10.jpgNote: if you choose to stay in the village at night, you should not miss the last bus taking you back to the village. The last bus will depart at 5:30 pm.

Day 3:

As we would leave for Taimu Mountain in the morning, we headed for the wharf at 6:30 am and departed the island at around 7:00 am (note that as it is quite early in the morning to take the first boat, there is no staff at the ticket office and you can buy the ticket directly on the boat)

The boat rolled over on the sea for half an hour before finally arriving at Yujing wharf. There is bus which will directly take you to Qinyu Town, specifically Qinyu Town Bus Station (ps: there are many hotels and restaurants nearby the bus station, so it is convenient for you to go to motor train station and Taimu Mountain)

We left from the bus station at 8:30 am for Taimu Mountain. The ticket fare is 16 yuan per person and also you are to buy the ticket directly on the bus. The bus will depart when there is no seat left. After the bus left Qinyu Town, it climbed the slops slowly, heading to Taimu Mountain.


Taimu Mountain, sitting by the East Sea, has long enjoyed a good reputation. The scenic spot has an area of 24.6 sq. km, and is famous for steep mountains, oddly shaped rocks, caves and mists.


The body of Taimu Mountain is mainly of granite and most attractions are simply high rising huge rocks plus an oddly shaped small rock. Simply speaking, there is no water but smooth stones and rocks on the hills and many stories are made from them by people’s imagination.


The most impressing thing in the trip in Taimu Mountain is moving on in various caves. Taimu Mountain is actual a hollow mountain with over one hundreds of caves, mainly including crack cave and rock piled cave. It is quite enjoyable to move in such caves. But surely, weak or over fatty people are suggested to choose sea sightseeing plank way. It is also a special experience to see the sea along the plank way.


After we finished our tour and enjoyed Fuding meat slices, a local food, we checked out and directly headed to the station. A perfect ending.