Fuding Yushan Island, I am coming, dreaming to be the island owner and enjoy the vast freedom

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Way Attractions: Dayushan Island


Yushan Island, a small sea island, was suddenly listed as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in China one day, although it has been in long period of obscurity. How it come?

A small southern sea island but with highland meadow like the northwest area.


(Source of pictures: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/922827.html)

There are two fresh water lakes on the island. How rare it is to have fresh water lake on a sea island. The clear water there can be used for cooking rice, shrimps and fish soap.


Fog is a frequent visitor to this island. Yes, don’t doubt about your eyes, here is the famous "sea of clouds". PS: fellows staying there will have to hold together at night for warmth, or you are alone, you have only one choice, that is, taking sufficient clothes with you.




(Source of pictures: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/922827.html)

When you think of the northwest area, you may call to mind the “no-man zone”. But here, there are villages down the hill.


(Source of pictures: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/922827.html)

If you are tired of the highland meadow, you can go down the hill to enjoy seafood.



The seafood is very cheap and most fishermen are unsophisticated.

If you are lucky enough, you will run across tea pickers of She nationality for the island is among a small amount of sea island which is suitable for the growing of tea trees. 

This is the black rice of She nationality. The small sea island has so many tricks, and you can enjoy the folklores of the minority nationality in addition to the sea island landscape.



(Source of pictures: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/922827.html)

Ladies and gentlemen, below is the information about the all-inclusive tips for a trip in the sea island.


1. How to approach it?

From Taimu Mountain motor train station

Taimu Mountain motor train station – Qinyu bus station – Yujing wharf – Yushan Island wharf

1. You can take yellow bus at the gate of the motor train to Qinyu Town or Taimu Mountain Town; 3 yuan/person. It will take you 15 minutes.

2. Then take bus from Qinyu bus station to Yujing wharf; 10 yuan/person. It will take you 30 minutes.

3. Take boat to Yushan Island wharf from Yujing wharf; 50 yuan/person. It will take you 30 minutes. 

Ps: there is bus departing from Qinyu bus station respectively at 12:00 at noon, 12:30 pm and 13:00 pm every day; the boat departs to the island at 14:00 pm. 

From Xiapu motor train station

Xiapu motor train station – Sansha Town – old town wharf – Yushan Island wharf

1. You can take bus at the motor train gate to the north bus station; it will take you 20 minutes. 

2. Then take bus from north bus station to Sansha Town; it will take you one hour. 

3. Take bus from Sansha Town to old town wharf; it will take you 10 minutes. 

4. Take boat from old town wharf to Yushan Island; 50 yuan/person; it will take you 30 minutes. 

Ps: if you dislike taking trouble to transfer the buses, you can take a taxi from the motor train to the old town wharf, 25yuan/person. The boat departs from old town wharf respectively at 9:00 am and 12:00 at noon respectively. 

II. Other expenses charged in scenic spot

Entrance ticket of the lake scenic spot: 40yuan/ticket; bus ticket fare for round trip within the scenic spot on the Yushan Island: 40yuan/person (The contact information is provided below.)

Free ticket: for children of below 1.2m and the elderly aged over 70 and holding valid certificate; 

Preferential policy: children of 1.2-1.5m and full-time students holding student certificates can enjoy a half price; children of below 1.5m can enjoy a half price to take the tourist bus.

III. What to vist?

If you want to have a good visit, it would take two days, or if you just want a quick trip, one day is enough.

1.Sandy beach: there is a large sandy beach not far away from the town center on the Yushan Island. When the tides withdraw at 16:00-17:00, the beach will be revealed and you can see beautiful sands and many little crabs. At the dusk there are many little red crabs moving on the beach. Once you approach them, they will quickly withdraw back to their holes.

When the tides come back in the evening, the beach will be flooded all and the scenery is also very attractive. The sea water flooding on the beach is yellow, the reef is black and the sea water further from the beach is blue and green, very colorful. It is strongly suggested to see the sea at around 10:00 am as the sea scenery is not so colorful during 14:00 -13:00 pm.

2.Scenic spot: camping surrounding swan lake where the scenery resembles that of highland meadow in the northwest area. 

3.Roaming in the fishery village is also a good choice.

IV. Where to stay at night?

1.The rental of tent on the island is relatively expensive, about 100yuan/tent (suitable for two persons). So it is suggested to rent one before you leave for the island. 

2.If you are not used to the tent, you can stay in the hotel in the village down the hill, and the price varies from 150 yuan to 200 yuan (standard room) 

For detailed contact information, pls see the bottom of the article.

V. What to eat?

1. If you want to go camping, it is suggested to take sufficient foods or you can buy seafood down the hill and cook them on the camping site. When you ascend the hill, there is not restaurant for meal. 

2. Canteen in service center (280 yuan for 10 dishes, enough for 11-12 persons). The dishes are made after you place the order.

3. Surely there are seafood restaurants and snack bars down the hill. The seafood there is very fresh and not expensive at all. 

For detailed contact information, pls see the bottom of the article.

VI. Other costs and expenses 

20 yuan for per set of fishing tackle; but you have to pay a deposit of 100 yuan. 10 yuan for shower in the scenic spot 

VII. Tips: 

1.Bring with you sufficient clothes as there is a great temperature difference on the island;

2.Bring with you sunscreen or other protective measures as it is windy on the island; 

3.Guard against fire during camping and do not litter around. 

Yushan Island wharf

Commuter boat at Sansha old town: 13959373758

Tourist bus to scenic spot: 13950501687, Mr. Zhang

Yujia apartment: accommodation price during ordinary period: 150-180yuan; Lin: 18959428148, Liu: 15860653533。

Yushan apartment: guest house in Mazu Village, Yushan Town: Haishan apartment (200m away from the wharf, nearby the coast) 150-200yuan/standard room, Mr. Hong: 13809573165; 15060281665

Shuguang apartment: Ms. Fan: 13285932692

KTV: the place where you can have meal and enjoy KTV: 15159416938, Mr. Yang

Tent, accommodation and meal: 1366150566