Enjoying great cool in hot summer -An exciting trip in Baishuiyang Creek

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:58:20
Way Attractions: Yuanyang Stream Baishuiyang


This hot summer has turned the beautiful beaches into a distant legend. And when you see so people crowded on the beach in the summer, are you trying to find a place to spend your summer? If not too far away, I hope to be in a cool river beach in a valley nearby, rolling up my pants and standing on smooth pebbles in shallow water, not even touching my knee ...

As we all know, Fujian’s scenic spots boast its abundant mountains and waters. So there are many destinations to play water for your choice and Baishuiyang Creek in Pingnan is specially commendable, for you.

People who have visited Baishuiyang Creek may not forget its picturesque scenery. Why Baishuiyang Creek has so much fun? It is much more suitable for you to tread water on it. Isn’t it the favorite activity in summer? And the most amazing thing is that the whole river bed is just made of one super large rock. Just image a rock having a surface area of 40,000 square meters, 182 meters wide at its widest point. What such a rock looks like. Can you figure it out? 

Even more interesting is that the rocky riverbed has no angular edges or corners. The water is only touching below your ankle, free of dangers for both adults and children. Just letting the clear and cool water flowing over the food, how cool and how comfortable it is. 



Smooth riverbed. So never worry about hurt by it.


The water in the sun has sparkling ripples and reflects white light.


The crystal stream is murmuring over the riverbed slowly


Tourists enjoying the cool water



Tourists in the water, ready to go drifting with their fellows

After you get out of the water, you can rest in a pavilion facing the water while enjoying the surrounding beautiful scenery

Baishuiyang Creek is known as "the world’s surpassing beauty, the universe’s mystery" due to its unique geological features. Baishuiyang Creek Global Geopark also boasts the sole Mandarin Duck and Macaque Nature Reserve in the world.


Walking in the valley or the woods, you can hear the murmur of stream water anywhere



Lush green woods anywher



Waterfall high above

How to approach it?

If you leave for Baishuiyang Creek from Fuzhou, do not travel via Zhangwan as now there is highway directly leading to the scenic spot. Fuzhou-Ningde-Fu’an-Zhouning-Baishuiyang, it is highway all the way along!

Or you may choose another way: you exit the Fuzhou-Lianjiang-Ningde highway from Zhangwan and then turn right and go straight for some time till you see a sign of Baishuiyang Creek scenic spot. Then you turn right and go straight for about 10km before you head to Pingnan direction. This is a Ningde-Pingnan level 2 road in good conditions, having not many vehicles.