An Exploration to Wuyi Mountain Cliff Burial in Cliffs at both Banks of Crystal Nine-Bend Stream

Release time : 2015-12-04 21:59:00
Way Attractions: Nine-Bend Stream Heavenly Tour Peak Wuyishan

Wuyi Mountain is recognized as the birthplace of cliff burial by the academic circle. Like the water burial and celestial burial, cliff burial is an ancient form of burial. Burial site was usually on the riverside cliff, and the coffin was placed at natural or artificial cave tens to hundreds of meters above the water, or some were placed directly on top of floating stakes. There are more than a decade of hanging coffin ruins in the cliffs along the banks of the Nine-Bend Stream in Wuyi Mountain scenic spot.

So I planned a visit to the Nine-Bend Stream with hanging coffin ruins.

Day 1: Nine-Bend Stream——Wuyi Palace图片102.png

In the morning, I took Bus No. 6 to the south gate of the scenic spot and then the tourist bus to the drifting wharf.
It should be noted that the drop-off site, the ticket sales site and the drifting site are not in the same place. You should walk about 200m after you get off the bus to a large parking lot where there is a ticket office. You need to show your ID card to take a service number, just like you receiving service in a bank, and then go upstairs to the ticket window on the second floor. You should walk another 300m to the drifting wharf for queuing and drifting after you buy your ticket.
Ticket window opening period: 6:10-9:50 a.m.; 12:00-15:20 p.m.
So you should arrive at the ticket window before 15:20 p.m., or you have to wait for drifting next day. A raft is to accommodate six people. You can invite other tourists to take one raft together if your group is less than six persons and then get one ticket from the staff before you get on the raft.


Let’s start out!


It is probable to wet your shoes or yourself during the drifting. There are six fixed bamboo chairs on the raft, and when the tourists sit on the chair, the raft can have a draught up to about 10cm, so you have better to wear sandals and short pants.图片106.png

Here comes the hanging coffin. This is the hanging coffin we hear about. It is placed in the cave tens to hundreds of meters above the water, so with ordinary mobile camera, you would not find it but only the bare and even 90° cliffs.图片107.png

My friend accompanying me had brought a digital SLR camera and occasionally took a group of special photos. When we zoomed out the images after back to home, they clearly showed the dozy coffins.


I wondered whether such small cave has held a coffin.图片109.png

As you go on, you will run across the Crown Peak and Jade Maiden Peak图片110.png图片111.png图片112.png图片113.png图片114.png图片115.png

It will take you about 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish the 9.5km drifting course. Along the banks are the most beautiful scenery of Wuyi Mountain. And we got off at the terminal-Wuyi Palace.

※Wuyi Palace

Wuyi Palace, also called Fairies Gathering Temple, Chongyou Temple and Eternity Palace, is located at the southern foot of the Crown Peak and faces the mouth of the Nine-Bend Stream. It was a place where emperors in different dynasties made offerings to Wuyi God, and also one of the six famous temples in Song Dynasty. Poets Xin Qiji and Lu You, neo-Confucians Liu Zijun and Zhu Xi of South Song Dynasty all had served to be in charge of Wuyi Palace.图片116.png图片117.png

※Heavenly Tour Peak

Heavenly Tour Peak, one of the essential attractions of Wuyi Mountain, is 408m above the sea level and has a relative height of 215m. It is a rock ridge from north to south, connecting Xianyou Rock in the east and Immortal’s Palm Peak. The cliff rises highly among many other peaks

The Heavenly Tour Peak has a very splendid view. We walked along the mountainous path with luxuriant woods growing on sides for quite a section before we started to climb图片118.png

Clouds’ Lair has over a decade of caves, no matter large or small. At the early morning and dusk of winter and spring, there often emerge mists from the cave, drifting among rocks and peaks. Sometimes they gather in a group, sometimes are released. Rolling back or forth freely, they are always unpredictable. So it is named Clouds’ Lair.图片119.png

From the little pavilion at the path, you can overlook the Nine-Bend Stream below, although the view is not broad enough hence you have not arrived at the half way up the mountain.图片120.png图片121.png

If you feel tired at the half way, just stop and take a rest. The higher you climb, the steeper it will be. Wuyi Mountain is of typical Danxia landform, you can enjoy yourself the mountainous scenery on the way.图片122.png

Now we are at the top of the Heavenly Tour Peak which is considered the best place to overlook the Nine-Bend Stream. So you can have a good rest here.图片123.png

※A Thread of Sky

A Thread of Sky has long been considered the works by the daedal hand of nature. We approached it from Fuxi Cave and when we went deep in the crack and looked up, we only saw a thread of daylight coming down from the crack.
Before I visited A Thread of Sky, I thought it would be a beautiful place. However, when I approached it, it is a dark and wet place filled with strange smell instead. What’s more, there are many people on the narrow path, so we could not move on quickly. The deeper you go, the darker, wetter and narrower it is. The narrowest part is only 40cm wide. There is also a smell beyond words, the smell of bats’ dung. Anyway, the white furred bats overhead are really nice-looking ones. What a pity we could not take photos of them due to it is too dark there.