Trip to Fuding Taishan Island -To live an electricity-less retiring life

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Fuding Taishan Island, a sea island located in the east and almost separated from the world, is a Shangri-la closest to the high sea. The island is only populated by over one dozen of households. If you find nothing in the life that is desirable, you may consider becoming a monk or nun in this island. 



Taishan Islands is located in Fuding, Ningde. So how do we get there? Sometimes there is only one commuter boat every other day.




The most exciting thing in the island of course is enjoying the seafood. Residents on the island fish for a living, so the price of seafood is very economic. According to the experience of one netizen, five kilos of sea shrimps, two live octopuses, multiple live ribbon fish and a pile of fishes that the netizen could not name only charged fifty yuan. What a pleasure. 

The island is provided with power only during the period of 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and except such period, there are no electricity and no WiFi. The communication signal is also very weak.

If you intend to leave you family and elope with some girl, this island is also a good choice.

What kind of incredible landscapes are there in the island?



There are huge natural crack, umbrella reef, bunkers and tunnels, caves and so on. Further you can rent a boat for fishing or go diving. Only such pictures may attract you to live there to be an island owner. The island was resided by troops and so you may find something interesting in the bunkers.

Once there was a netizen from Quanzhou who was attracted by the landscape of the island and resided here for five years. So I just want to say: please bright me with you. But there emerges a problem: how to approach the island and how to lead a life of milk and honey there?

1. First, how to approach the island?

(1) You can take boat from two wharfs, Shacheng wharf and Qinyu (also called Taimushan Town) wharf. Generally there is only one round boat trip every other day and two round boat trips in Saturday. The boat starts out at 9:00 am.

(2) It is recommended to take boat at Qinyu wharf since Qinyu, benefiting from the development of Taimushan tourist area, has good supporting facilities and road conditions. If you plan to come by motor train, you can get off Taimushan Station and then take Bus No. 8 to the wharf for starting out to the island (10yuan).

(3) You can have about two hours for sightseeing on the sea. And if you would be seasick, bring some pills with you. The passenger ship for sightseeing is large and safe and the owner has good reputation. For a single trip, the ticket fare is 50 yuan. If you want to charter a ship, additional cost will be paid.

(4) The departure time of the boat is limited by tidewater, so it would vary every day. The tourist should call for confirmation in advance.

2. How to get to the wharf?

Travel by self: besides the above mentioned motor train, you can also take the bus.

 (1) First, you can take bus in Fuding South Bus Station (Fuding-Qinyu route) during 6:00-18:00 (The buses go every 10 minutes) to Qinyu bus station. It will take you about 25 minutes and the ticket fare is 13 yuan. Further you can take a motorcycle taxi to Qinyu wharf (not far away at all).

(2) There are many buses to Qinyu from Fuding Bus Station. The ticket fare is about 15 yuan. If you choose to travel by yourself, you can set the destination as Taimushan Town in the navigation device, which would be quite convenient, and then find a hotel to get an accommodation and park your car (Taimushan Town has improved facilities). Next morning you can go to the wharf for sightseeing in the sea.

3. Where to stay?

There are not many hotels on the island: a standard guest room would charge you about 120 yuan. Two kinds of prices are available for your choice: 60 yuan each bed and 30 yuan each bed; the rental of a tent is 60 yuan, including one double-person double-layer tent, two auto-inflation and damp-proof mats and one 60-L duffel bag. The rent can accommodate two persons. But you have to bring the blankets or quilts with you. The contact information is provided below.

4. What foods are offered?

Seafood; especially during the spring tides, the seafood would be more abundant. The average price per person is about 40 yuan. The period of from July to October every year is the busy season, and so there would be every kind of seafood you may expect. The goat is also what you should not miss. The goats are bred free-range on the island and you have to catch one if you want to eat goat meat. It’s about 60 yuan/kg. The contact information is provided below.

5. Other costs and expenses

There is a diving club on the island where you can rent a fishing boat and diving suit. 3,000yuan per boat per time; the wild mussel is the special seafood of the island, only 5yuan/kg, surely you should have the luck to run across an honest seller.

6. Tips:

Actually daily necessities are available on the island, and so you do not have to bring with you too many articles except fruits. It is suggested to wear or bring with you soft anti-slip shoes, loose and long-sleeve clothes and trousers, sun hat, sunglasses, towel, head lamp, drinking water, rain gear and camping equipment.

Some important contact information provided by netizens:

Commuter boat: Mr. Acao (13706020511, 0593-7262790); Mr. Shi (13950569867)

For boat chartering: Mr. Laowang: 13509556159, 13859608973, 13950518328, 0593-7581920

Qinyu bus station: 0593-7261608

Board and lodging: Wang Nan: 0593-7589070/13599189010

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