Will you bother to see the prairie far away when you find Fujian also has a Hulun Buir of East Fujian

Release time : 2015-12-04 22:03:46
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Having you intended to pay a visit to prairie? Inner Mongolia is so far, and so tourists who do not have much time for a tour beyond the province are suggested to plan a trip to the prairie in Fujian where can experience Hulun Buir prairie of East Fujian.

In the southeast waters of Fuding, there hidden the Dayushan Island, the "Hulun Buir Prairie" of East Fujian. Fuding. With green meadows all over the hills and beautiful undulating lines of slopes, the vast field under the gray sky here is called the Hulun Buir of East Fujian by backpackers.



Here the lush and verdant grasses form a natural pasture in the island. And long ago people have bred goats here. It seems that the prairie scenery as described by a poet that "The lofty sky is deeply blue, the vast wildness not seen through. The wind lowering grass green, the sheep and cattle are easily seen" is appearing on the island located by the East Sea.



In addition to the acres of grassland called "Southern Tianshan Mountains", there are two lakes of different sizes at an altitude of 200 meters, the big one having an area of 1000 mu, and the small one of 200 mu. Both lakes have perennial natural spring, never drying up but with sweet and crystal water.



Helpful information

Transportation: Xiapu motor train station – Sansha Town – old town wharf –Yushan Island wharf

1.You can take a bus after you are out of the motor train station to the North Bus Station; it will take you about 20 minutes;

2.One-hour journey by bus from North Bus Station to Sansha Town;

3.10-minute journey by bus from Sansha Town to old town wharf;

4.30-minute journey by boat from old town wharf to Yushan Island, 50 yuan/person. 

Ps: If you dislike taking trouble, you can hire a car to send you from the motor train station directly to the old town wharf. The boat starts out respectively at 9:00 am and 12:00 at noon from the old town wharf. However, if there are sufficient passengers, e.g. as many as over ten people, the boat may depart at any time.

Entrance ticket: 80 yuan

Accommodation: there are tents available for renting in the Yushan Island scenic spot, 70 yuan/tent; or you can bring a tent with yourself. Except the place surrounding the small lake, you can erect your tent anywhere. The hotel price varies from 100 yuan to 200 yuan. 

Meal: There are canteen and retail section in the service center (the prices of some snacks resemble to those sold in the train); the canteen will prepare your dishes after you make order (280 yuan for ten dishes, sufficient for as many as 12 persons). It is suggested to bring more foods with yourself.