Chongwu Ancient Town, the Most Beautiful Coastal Front

Release time : 2015-12-04 22:04:27
Way Attractions: Chongwu Ancient Town


Getting familiar with the high-rises in city and rough courtyards in North China, you would definitely be touched by the Chongwu Ancient Town for its blue sea, romantic dovetail ridge, T-shaped stone steps, as well as the charming Hui’an women.

Chongwu Ancient Town is the only well-conserved stone town of Ming Dynasty, and one of the over 60 castles that the Ming government built along the coast stretching tens of thousands of miles. It is also a relative intact relic in China's coast defence history.

Chongwu played an important role in China's coast defence history and had been a coastal stronghold of strategic importance for years. Historical records show that in Ming Dynasty, Japanese pirates stormed the town, killing people and burning things. The national hero Qi Jiguang stationed his troops here and built defence facilities and fought bravely to protect the town. Since the end of the 10-year Japanese pirate invasion, Chongwu has become a key town in Southeast coast.




The Lion Stone Terrace was once the command place for Qi Jiguang to train his sailors, and also part of the relic from the Neolithic Age.


Chongwu Ancient Town is also a major place for the world famous Hui’an women. Here is the only hometown of Hui’an women in China. Today, even Hui’an women become modern and they seldom wear folk costumes. Lucky me to see the performance by Hui’an women.


At first glance, the yellow bamboo hat and kerchief with floral pattern to cover the two cheeks attracts your attention, not to mention the short and close-fitting top leaving belly in the air.



Apart from the most perfect T-shaped stone town, the coastal view is a great place to see.

It is featured by the harmony between the sea and the ancient town, blending the seaside scenery, historical relics and local customs. Chongwu is not well known, and welcomes only a few tourists. Coming to Chongwu and the magnificent coast, the sea is the only one that accompanies you. I never have such feeling for all those coasts I once visited.



Tang Monk riding the White Horse




The roaring sea in front


It is convenient to get Chongwu. After arriving in Quanzhou by railway, head to the Quanzhou Passenger Hub for bus to Chongwu (1 hour drive).


Seafood here is cheap and fresh for its location. For example, in a little restaurant on the street, porridge with a whole crab only costs about RMB 20. Crisp shell plus plentiful crab meat, yummy.