Eye Candy of Danxia Landform Detailed travel strategy for 4-day tour of Wuyi Mountain

Release time : 2015-12-04 22:10:20
Way Attractions: Wuyishan Nine-Bend Stream Heavenly Tour Peak

The ancients once illuminated the brilliant colors of Danxia Mountain by "in deep red color, the mountain is as glorious as gorgeous rosy clouds". In such cool weather in early autumn, we broadened our view across the oddly-shaped Danxia landform in the northwest Fujian, and wherever we went, we were deeply impressed by the daedal hand of nature. Along the journey, canyons, peak clusters, fractures and caves are real eye-poppers making all of us exciting. It is absolutely a great visual feast.

Photographed in Heavenly Tour Scenic Spot.

Travel schedule:
Day 1: Taking high-speed rail No. Z59 at Beijing West Railway Station to Wuyi Mountain (arrived at 6:17 am next day)
Day 2: Heavenly Tour scenic spot (Clouds’ Lair, Tea Plantation Cave, Hidden Screen Peak, Heavenly Tour Peak, Peach Blossom Cavern)
Day 3: Nine-Bend Stream drifting in the morning; visiting Water Curtain Cave and Big Red Robe, “rocks and flower fragrance” crawlerway in the afternoon
Day 4: climbing Tiger Roaring Crag, visiting A Thread of Sky via “green field” crawlerway; visiting Wuyi Palace and Blooming Garden

Day 1:
High-speed rail No. Z59: Beijing West Railway Station-Wuyi Mountain Station 15:08-6:17 (next day)

We chose three-day coupon tickets of 325yuan (including 160 yuan for three-day entrance ticket, 95 yuan for three-day green vehicle ticket within the scenic spot and 100 yuan for Nine-Bend Stream drifting), saving 30 yuan as compared to separate tickets. One day before our arrival at Wuyi Mountain, someone called us that we would be picked up at the hotel to the south gate to take the tickets. We also could make appointment for the drifting to avoid the pain of queuing in such peak season. In addition, only the elderly over the age of 70 can enjoy a half ticket.
Day 2: Heavenly Tour Scenic Spot
As the poet Chen Guan of Song Dynasty said: among the various landscapes and bends of stream, Heavenly Tour site is a perfect place belonging to this splendid view. To mention the first attraction of Wuyi Mountain, it would be the Heavenly Tour attraction undoubtedly. Zhu Xi, a philosopher of Song Dynasty who had once lived here for many years, was full of praise for the scenery. Although just over 410 meters above sea level, when you are at its peak, you can enjoy most of the Wuyi scenery, something like "when you reach the top, you will hold all mountains in a single glance”.


The tour route is as follows: the entrance – Clouds’ Lair - Tea Plantation Cave - Hidden Screen Peak –Immortal Tour Pavilion - Heavenly Tour Peak - Peach Blossom Cavern – Clouds’ Lair – the exit; we went apart from the general tourists from the Tea Plantation Cave and the entrance to the path of the peak was just opposite to the path leading to the summit.


From here, the Clouds’ Lair, the Heavenly Tour scenic spot is gradually unfolded before you. Clouds’ Lair is called the most attractive location of the Heavenly Tour scenic spot, but in my opinion, the attractions behind it are more amazing.


This section of precipitous mountain path leading to the Hidden Screen Peak is called “chicken chest” or “dragon’s back”. The stone steps were chiseled by a Taoist priest of Ming Dynasty on the nearly 90° rocky walls.


Some part of the path is made of steel stairs as no stone step can be chiseled.


Despite the steep mountainous roads, with perseverance, we can overcome them


Bewitchingly beautiful landscape scenery is unfolded before us like pictures


Such perpendicular cliff can be seen anywhere during the course of climbing. We even admired ourselves when looking back into the trip.


This is the Waterfall Viewing Pavilion. Generally, the tourists would choose this path to approach the Heavenly Tour Peak and it is said that in the busy season, the path is full of people and it would take two hours to queue for climbing the mountain. As time went on, we moved higher and higher.



The path down the Hidden Screen Peak is still very narrow and hard to pass图片35.png

What an inkwash landscape painting it looks like


Only the peak of the Wuyi Mountain is capped with vegetables while the sides are bare, representing the typical features of Danxia landform图片37.png

Only two young tourists ahead us on the path leading to the Heavenly Tour Peak after we came down from the Hidden Screen Peak.


We were almost at the summit of Heavenly Tour Peak now, and looking down here, you can find scenery anywhere.


When you are at the top of Heavenly Tour Peak, you can get a panoramic view around


The only left archway of Zhongzheng Park which we ran across on the way to the Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern before we arrived at the foot of the mountain.


Looking back to the Heavenly Tour Peak at the back of the mountain after we were at the foot, we found another new charm.


So surprising that the Heavenly Tour Peak is made of a single huge rock when we looked from its back.

Day 3: Nine-Bend Stream drifting, Water Curtain Cave and Big Red Robe
In Wuyi scenic spot, you may often hear a saying that you would not claim you have visit the Wuyi Mountain if you miss the drifting in Nine-Bend Stream. This reveals the beauties of the banks along the Nine-Bend Stream to some extent. The whole stream is 9.5 km long, famous for its many bends along it, and has been a great resort for poets and scholars since ancient times who had left a large number of stone carvings Along the stream.


Tortoise rock


Twin Peak at the Nine-Bend Stream


Drifting in the stream

A travel in paintings



Stone inscriptions on rocks along the banks


Oddly shaped stone forest along the banks


Graceful Jade Maiden Peak (Unexpectedly a young girl served as the boatwoman there. The raft moved quite slowly due to her weakness)


Jade Maiden Peak is the most eye-catching attraction along the stream. When your raft arrived here, you can hear the story of Crown Peak and Iron Monster from the boatman.


Crown Peak


One bend of the Nine-Bend Stream

The morning is a good time to start your drifting trip. We started it at about 8:30 am in the mild sunshine, avoiding the exposure to the sun in the afternoon. It took us about 1.5 hours to finish it. A raft can accommodate six people and the staff is helpful if your group is less than six ones to gather enough people. Generally each person needs to pay a tip of 10 yuan to the boatman who will explain to you the scenery along the way. If you start from the hotel, you can walk to the west of Sangu Roundabout and then take Xingcun Special Bus to the raft wharf. It only takes you 2.5yuan, but much faster than taking the tourist vehicle in the scenic spot from the south gate. You can prepare yourself the shoe covers to prevent the shoes from wet.
At the end of the wonderful drifting, we headed to Water Curtain Cave attraction by taking the tourist vehicle at the Wuyi Palace. The Water Curtain Cave spot is the very place where the scene of Water Curtain Cave in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit in The Journey to the West 1983 Version was shot. Due to the shortage of water in recent years, there is no water falling from the mountain. Anyway, you can still enjoy the huge and magnificent rock walls
In the Big Red Robe scenic spot, we finally saw the six ancient tea trees growing at the Heart of Heaven rock as circulated. They indeed are of extremely rare national treasures, although looking mediocre. It is said they only produce about 400g of tea each year. How precious. Many tourists feel lucky to witness those treasurable tea trees.


Dried up Water Curtain Cave


This is a site of the ancient architecture a few tens of meters up on the vertical rock wall. What a miracle.

Eagle Beak Rock


Huge rocks against the background of blue sky and white clouds


Stone bridge


Big Red Robe scenic spot


Below the rock wall is the famous centurial tea plantation. (Photographed at “Rocks and Flower Fragrance” crawlerway)


A glimpse of the Big Red Robe on the Heart of Heaven rock


The tourists are on the way back as the sun is setting in the west

Day 4: Tiger Roaring Crag, A Thread of Sky and Wuyi Palace
The Tiger Roaring Crag is 510m above the sea level, even 100m higher than the Heavenly Tour Peak. The roars of a tiger actually come from a giant cave which roars when winds passing through the cave, shaking the mountains. The summit of the Tiger Roaring Crag is also a perfect place to view the Wuyi scenery.
At the end of the trip in the Tiger Roaring Crag, you can walk to A Thread of Sky via the “green field” crawlerway. A Thread of Sky in Wuyi Mountain is actually a huge crack of mural joint. There are many attractions resembling “A Thread of Sky” here, yet incomparable to it in length and narrowness. When climbing along the narrow stone steps, we only saw a narrow and long rift overhead, just like split by an axe. The total length is over one hundred meters and the narrowest part is only 40cm wide. Fatty people are advised to avoid it as it is said that once there was a fat man stuck there. There are a lot of precious white furred bats inside. But what a pity we saw no one but only smelling the faeces of such creature during the trip.


“Foreordination Bridge” on the perpendicular cliff at top of the Tiger Roaring Crag. It is said that you would have a good fortune to make several round trip on it.

In the viewing platform at top of the Tiger Roaring Crag you can enjoy a stunning scene. What a pity that the photographing effect was not good in that cloudy day.


Viewed from the side, the Tiger Roaring Crag is like a lion head.


A look of the Tiger Roaring Crag in long distance

Scenic spot of A Thread of Sky


The section of A Thread of Sky approaching to the exit, still very narrow although

Our tour in the Wuyi Mountain almost came to an end when we came out A Thread of Sky. Considering that it was still early, we further left for Wuyi Palace where you can visit the Blooming Garden (a lot of potted plants are exhibited) or climb the Crown Peak. Wuyi Palace, definitely not a hot spot in Wuyi Mountain, is fair quiet, suitable for you just sitting there in a trance and enjoying such wonderful natural landscape undisturbedly.


The architecture for memorializing Liu Yong, a famous poet of Song Dynasty in Wuyi Palace


Potted plant of Hua Mount exhibited in the Spring Garden