Amazing Heavenly Tour Peak, Crystal Nine-Bend Stream

Release time : 2015-12-04 22:11:29
Way Attractions: Wuyishan Nine-Bend Stream Heavenly Tour Peak

There are two recommended attractions in Wuyi Mountain scenic spot – Heavenly Tour Peak and Nine-Bend Stream, a one-day trip. And the rest attractions are up to your schedule.



On the way from the south gate to Heavenly Tour Peak, we ran across some very lovely tour trains and took some pictures.


5.jpgAfter we got off at the Heavenly Tour Peak station, it took over 10 minutes on walk to Heavenly Tour Peak. But along the way you can enjoy dense woods and fresh air.



On the way from Heavenly Tour Peak to Nine-Bend Stream, we saw many bamboo rafts from the bridge. “As we drift forwards on the bamboo raft in the stream, the green hills on the banks look like moving backwards.”


Wuyi Mountain enjoys a very good ecological environment with a variety of strong and tall trees and extremely fresh air. I even couldn’t identify many of those trees for I just saw them for the first time.


Before we went far, we came in sight of such a stone gate. What a tranquil corner.


An overlook of the Nine-Bend Stream down from the half way up the mountain


The scene we got from the top of Heavenly Tour Peak


Standing on the amazing Heavenly Tour Peak, you will see the Nine-Bend Stream down at your feet.  

We returned along the way we came after the trip of Heavenly Tour Peak to have lunch at the holiday resort where there are many roadside restaurants. 

Drifting in Nine-Bend Stream in the afternoon



There are 18 bends and nine winding stretches of Nine-Bend Stream. Tree-lined banks and clear waters make Wuyi Mountain worthy of “clear waters and red mountains”. The clear and green waters are so enchanting.