Maybe Xiamen is the only place you know in Fujian, but when you visit Xiamen, you cannot miss an ancient town "Citong" which is only 100 km drive from Xiamen, and is also accessible to by EMU trains. This is Quanzhou today. Quanzhou is the cradle of China's Maritime Silk Road, and you can't fully enjoy its beauty without sightseei...[Detail]
Taimu Mountain has become a destination I would not miss when I plan a trip to Fujian since I knew it from a poem of Li Bai that “according to people Wuyue State, Taimu Mountain is sometimes seen or sometimes hidden in the clouds”. What’s more, Taimu Mountain is actually not far away from Ningbo, only taking about two hours and forty minutes by mot...[Detail]
You may wonder whether there is such a place where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape in a refreshed state while you can go boating and play water. What a perfect place for summer!So today, an excellent scenic spot for playing water is recommended to you. Pingnan Baishuiyang Creek, you are really worth of it!Baishuiyang Creek is currently the on...[Detail]
Pingtan is really beautiful. With blue sky and water, white sand and fine stones, I think it is better than Jeju Island! And Jeju doesn't have such good sand beaches! After the inspection, we immediately asked for hotels reservation, but found that almost all quasi-five star hotels were booked up in August. The 2-day travel cost about RMB 900. ...[Detail]
Xiaodeng Island, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Xiamen, even was once selected as the candidate of the top ten most beautiful villages in Fujian, though eventually defeated by Lvtang Village in Xiamen. People both having visiting Lvtang and Xiaodeng Villages may be surprised over such a result. Why such a beautiful place fallen in t...[Detail]
Hui'an women, a special group residing in Hui'an County of Quanzhou (Huidong Peninsula), are well-known for their distinct dresses and hard-working custom. Narrowly speaking, Hui'an women refer to women on the Huidong Peninsula, mainly in four towns in the east of Hui'an - Chongwu, Shanxia, Jingfeng and Xiaozuo, and they are actuall...[Detail]
Originally we planned to go out at eight o'clock, but we did not get up till the hour hand had pointed to nine. Both of us were overslept. So we just quickly packed up and had our breakfast before starting out. Now we just arrived at the Guangdong-Fujian toll station and along the road further we would left Guangdong Province and entered Fujian...[Detail]
Nine Carp Lake is located in Zhongshan Town, Xianyou. I recommended tourists from nearby cities like Fuqing and Quanzhou to come at weekends, enjoying fresh air in the mountain and different scenery.In the scenic spot, walk as indicated by signboards, and you will pass Lei Hong Ji and Tongxian Bridge. From the Relic of Ancient Glaciers, pass a wind...[Detail]
Qingyuan Mountain, as a symbol of Quanzhou City, has a stronger historical and cultural atmosphere than other attractions. First developed in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), Qingyuan Mountain thrived in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and peaked in the Song and Yuan Dynasties (960-1368). Centuries of development has left a large number of cultural relics...[Detail]
On Aug. 22, I set foot on another trip, leaving my busy colleagues behind.I had a great summer this year, during which I had two trips every month. Though all destinations were in nearby towns, I was satisfied.My first visit to Meizhou Island was in the May Day of 2006, and my only impression for it was messy environment, crowded tourists and terri...[Detail]