This blog is for your reference."Fujian's Hawaii"? Does this name match the reality? It's hard to answer. It's an inhabited island far away from the mainland and nearest to Taiwan Hsinchu. The island's "Haitan God" looks like a man lying there.The stone houses with the island characteristics. The island has ...[Detail]
Setting off at 9:10, it’s about a 4-hour journey directly to Xiayang County from the highway bus station on South Hubin Road, Xiamen City. The routine is Xiamen – Zhangzhou – Nanjing - Xiayang. The road was bumpy, and I fell asleep soon. Sleeping has always made me miss beautiful landscapes. This time was no exception. Not aware of how long I had s...[Detail]
The Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway launches a “China’s most beautiful high-speed line along world-heritage site”, and along the line there are many scenic spots including Wuyi Mountain, Mount Huang, Wuyuan and Sanqing Mountain.day1. Shanghai→Wuyi MountainThis day is not detailed here. Anyhow it was packing my luggage, and brought the backpack and ...[Detail]
Kowloon Valley Forest Park, located in Juanxi, Changtai Town, Chengxiang District, Putian, Fujian, is long reputed as a garden of Putian. Bordering on provincial scenic area Nine Carp Lake, the park enjoys downstream falls ("Xia Jiu Li") of Nine Carp Lake. The park, with a distance of only 32km from Putian downtown, is accessible by takin...[Detail]
Having a weekend free, I took a ride with my friends to Tong’an District outside Xiamen Island. Our destination is Fantian Temple (also known as Brahma Temple), an ancient temple in southern Fujian. Fantian Temple is one of the most ancient Buddhism Temples in Fujian. It was initially build in 581 A.D. of Sui Dynast but was almost ruined in fires s...[Detail]
I knew Pingtan Island because a friend's family live on the island. Later, Pingtan Island became Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the pilot site of Mainland and Taiwan exchange. However, what led me to visit Pingtan Island ultimately are the so-called "colorful castles" - the stone houses-and the beautiful beaches.  ...[Detail]
The “Peach Garden” conceived by Tao Yuanming is a plain place with nature, tranquility and mystery. The Zhuguan Village at Wan’an Town of Xinluo District in Longyan City seems like such a fairyland and also is a bright pearl from a remote mountain. Located at the intermountain hills and basins of Longyan, it is a historically and culturally famous ...[Detail]
The Lantern Festival this year fell on a weekend, so I got the chance to celebrate it with my family in the hometown. My hometown, a seaside fishing village, doesn't have attractive weather and scenery as in Hainan. For all those years, it is always a piece of wilderness frequently visited by sea wind. At ordinary times, only signs of old man o...[Detail]
Xiamen is a true beautiful coastal city. If you have been to Xiamen, I bet you must have been to Gulangyu Islet and to Island Ring Road. And this time, I want to take you to experience the different beauty of Xiamen Compared with the crowded famous scenic spots, Wuyuanwan Wetland Park may be not so well known. But you will definitely consider ...[Detail]
I first heard of Mulan Dam for its historical greatness in my first year of college but never got the chance to see it myself. At first, I believed that places that I knew but never visited were not worthwhile for a look, but then I found that some places are only worthy of a visit during right seasons. It seems that spring days are good for tour. ...[Detail]