As an extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the Railway Cultural Park, the old railroad once abandoned for many years, after repairs in recent years, now is re-opened as a cultural park to tell the story of Yingtan-Xiamen railway Xiamen section.The weather was very good at the weekend; the sun on the sky and and all varieties of bougainvillea b...[Detail]
Fujian Youxi-Ancient Guifeng Village: Carved Balustrades and Marble-like Steps Must Still Be There, but Rosy Faces Cannot Be as FairLocated in the northeast of Yangzhong Township, Youxi County, Sanming City of Fujian Province, Guifeng Village is a semi-alpine valley with an altitude of 550 meters. Surrounded by hills, clouds and mist, the village h...[Detail]
There is a story broadly talked by Yongding people about the mystical Tulou that in the early 1960s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) found the things which were similar to nuclear reactors in mountains of western Fujian province in satellite pictures, causing a panic in the White House. Therefore, American intelligence personnel went to the T...[Detail]
An S creek flows between mountains and breeze in the mountain brings fresh air, giving me a detached feeling.This is Taxia Village, a tranquil land of idyllic beauty in South China.Starting at the turning of Yuan and Ming dynasty, Taxia has experienced a history of over 600 years. Taxia is a typical Hakka residential structure. Earthen dwellings in...[Detail]
Today I visited “Yongding Tulou”. After studying the route and conditions at scenic spots, I felt if I went there by myself form the tourist distributing center, it would not be more convenient and cheaper than the package tour. So we jointed a package tour with the price of RMB 118 / person. It was very convenient that we didn’t need to go to the ...[Detail]
ingtan is not far away from Fuqing, but even so I haven't been to Pingtan. This time, I go to Pingtan after being invited by friends repeatedly. After this trip, I find I have fallen in love with Pingtan, and I want to record honestly what I have seen as well as my real feelings without flowery language.With a backpack on my back, I set foot on...[Detail]
Though group tour has lost its popularity among tourists, it is the most convenient way for a one-day trip to earthen dwellings from Xiamen.Why group tour?Reason 1: As attractions in Nanjing Earthen Dwellings are scattered, free independent tourists have to transfer frequently and find it hard in time controlReason 2: Nanjing Earthen Dwellings is n...[Detail]
Jianning is the source of the Minjiang River, and has the highest peak in Fujian, the Jianning Mount Jinnao. Jianning is the geological mother of Fujian, for it had formed geological features 2.7 billion years ago. It is also the "hometown of Jian lotuses in China" and "hometown of Huanghua pears in China". In addition to these ...[Detail]
Yongding Hakka Tulou is worth seeing, it is dated from the Tang Dynasty and gradually accepted by the local people at the turning of Yuan and Ming Dynasties. According to the introduction of tour guide, the construction of Tulou (earth building) was related to the defending against the invasion of bandits of south Fujian at that time. It was always...[Detail]
Golden Lake Sunset is the most brilliant and exciting view of the lake, rare to see for many visitors.Located in the World Geopark and World Natural Heritage, Taining County, Golden Lake is about eight kilometers away from the county. It is the largest artificial lake in Fujian Province. As a scenic spot with unique Danxia landform, Golden Lake is ...[Detail]