Life is about growth in constant personal experiences. This time, my destination is Taining.First, I visited the Big Golden Lake which consists of red mountains and blue water. Magnificent mountains are accompanied by elegant and gentle water, tempering hardness with softness, boldness with gracefulness. Standing outside the cabin, the breeze is re...[Detail]
"Pingtan Island breeds no grass but stones, with sand blown by the wind and blockhouse-like houses..." The old folk song depicts the deserted history of Pingtan Island. Pingtan Island is rich in granite, so local people build houses with rich granite resources. Blockhouse-like stone houses form the original ecological landscape with simpl...[Detail]
Spring Festival is coming. People want to go to the remote and easeful Fenghuang Ancient Town, but it is too far and crowded. Actually, Fenghuang is not the only option of ancient town. Today the editor will take you to walk into the ancient town in west Fujian with ancient and vicissitudinous city wall. At gentle and leisure time, you can enjoy in...[Detail]
Nanding Island, an elliptical volcanic island emerged from beneath the sea, was the masterpiece of numerous volcanic eruption since 17 million years ago. Fantastic!Listed in China's Top 10 Islands by Chinese National Geography in 2015, Nanding is one and only beauty in the world. 1,400,000 basaltic rocks stand on the island, demonstrating the d...[Detail]
Terraces are the greatest love of photographers. Yuanyang Terraces and Longji Terraces make many photographers lost in a reverie. People who have not been to Yuanyang will open eyes wide while talking of it, and those who have been to Yuanyuan all want to visit it again. Some even want to go there after eight visits. In contrast, Fujian Youxi Joint...[Detail]
River trekking to today is a niche outdoor sport. It is exciting, common and even a bit of dangerous. I think that's why many tour lovers cannot say no to this cool sport.Does it look like a bucket? This is Shijiaotong, a valley hidden in a small village of Zhao'an Zhangzhou, and an ideal place for river trekking. Zhao'an in about ...[Detail]
My roommate told me that Pingtan is very beautiful and people there are simple and honest. As China's fifth largest island, Pingtan is known as "Small Maldives" in Fujian, with the shortest distance between the mainland and Taiwan. So I decided to travel Pingtan during Qingming Festival.We took a train to Fuzhou, and then went to Ping...[Detail]
How close the soul is to the nature indicates how far life is from the hustle and bustle. Far away from the hustle and bustle but not from the downtown, the Moon Creek-Sanming Hakka Cultural Park is known as the "most beautiful landscape masterpiece in Sanming riverside tourism galleries"! Purely pastoral, sun and rain, deep woods, green ...[Detail]
Dongshan Island, called Tongshan Mountain in the past, is the second biggest island in Fujian Province. Nearly all who have visited Dongshan Island speak highly of it.Dongshan boasts clear sea, famous Feng Dong Shi (rolling rocks) and abundant seafood. Walking on the soft and white beaches of Dongshan Island, you can enjoy breezily windmills, light...[Detail]
Recently, I felt glad that I could take another half day off according to the instructions of the State Council, allowing me to travel somewhere and do something incredible. So I spent all my money. In fact, I was a poor guy, so I didn’t damn care about RMB depreciation. To be honest, I thought about finding something crazy and grueling to buc...[Detail]