Flowers bloom in spring. It is a great idea to take an outing. If you are a flower lover, don’t stay indoors, just come here and take a snapshot of whatever kind of flowers blooming in this season. Cherry and peach blossoms in Fuzhou Forest Park Forest Park is the most popular destination for flower lovers. As the weather is fine on ...[Detail]
Speaking of Zhangzhou, “Nanjing Earthen Dwellings", "Dongshan Island" and "Yun Shui Yao" are words that spring to mind. Liu'ao may not sound as familiar as these places, but you can never miss the blue sea here, just incredibly beautiful beyond imagination! Look!   I first heard of Liu'ao from picture...[Detail]
Although I am not a Fuzhou native, I spend four years studying in Fuzhou. So I hope my four years of experience in Fuzhou will be helpful for travelers coming to Fuzhou. Perhaps most travelers will choose Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Mawei Shipbuilding Bureau and other traditional attractions. If you have enough time, you can also visit these...[Detail]
West Lake Park is a classic garden best preserved in Fuzhou, and it is lauded as the “garden pearl in Fuzhou”.Compared with Hangzhou West Lake, Fuzhou West Lake Park is uniquely delicate. How to go: take Bus 88 and get off at Shuang An Cheng StopWest Lake Park is always thronged with visitors on weekends or holidays, mainly parents traveling w...[Detail]
Why Meizhou Island? Three reasons: incredibly blue sea, magnificent temples, and enchanting stories of Mazu.  Fujian has a sea goddess - Mazu (Lin Moniang), who is not a stranger to fishermen in coastal areas. Mazu, a goddess in China's South-East coastal areas, enjoys 200 million followers around the world. Mazu Temple in Meizhou Island i...[Detail]
Wuyi Mountain tourist area of typical Danxia landform boasts its splendid mountains and waters. By the hand of nature, unique landscape of many peaks, stream bends and rocks are formed in this Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. And the visit to Nanping was to tour Wuyi Mountain which impressed me greatly for the first time, and especially the Heavenly Tour...[Detail]
It was on an afternoon during the Spring Festival that I left Fuzhou for Quanzhou, and the street there was bustling with activities. In the city centre, our bus was even stuck in traffic jams, and it was at that moment that I had the time to enjoy legendary arcade buildings, and started my magic journey to this uniquely charming city near Xiamen.&...[Detail]
Xiamen is a pleasant city where you can stay with great comfort. I paid a visit to Xiamen in January, and compared with the northern area in such winter period, Xiamen still seemed very vibrant, and the weather was not as cold as I expected.Surely one should never avoid Gulangyu Islet when he visits Xiamen. As one of China's most famous islands...[Detail]
When it comes to Fuzhou, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys can not be missed. Before I came to Fuzhou, one of my friends said jokingly, “you can visit the native place of Lin Pingzhi--Xiangyang Alley.” I didn’t find Xiangyang Alley, but I paid a visit to the former alley where national hero Lin Zexu lived.White wall and black tilesThis block is cri...[Detail]
Preface: Sometimes, we may be seized by a whim and want to travel, why? Maybe we want to relax, get rid of loneliness or for no reason. I had a nap on the bus and arrived in Fuzhou at around 9:00 am. After I came to the hotel I booked, I put away my luggage, dusted off, talked with front desk clerk, carried my bag and camera, bought a map and ...[Detail]