Pingtan is really beautiful. With blue sky and water, white sand and fine stones, I think it is better than Jeju Island! And Jeju doesn't have such good sand beaches! After the inspection, we immediately asked for hotels reservation, but found that almost all quasi-five star hotels were booked up in August. The 2-day travel cost about RMB 900. ...[Detail]
This blog is for your reference."Fujian's Hawaii"? Does this name match the reality? It's hard to answer. It's an inhabited island far away from the mainland and nearest to Taiwan Hsinchu. The island's "Haitan God" looks like a man lying there.The stone houses with the island characteristics. The island has ...[Detail]
I knew Pingtan Island because a friend's family live on the island. Later, Pingtan Island became Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the pilot site of Mainland and Taiwan exchange. However, what led me to visit Pingtan Island ultimately are the so-called "colorful castles" - the stone houses-and the beautiful beaches.  ...[Detail]
ingtan is not far away from Fuqing, but even so I haven't been to Pingtan. This time, I go to Pingtan after being invited by friends repeatedly. After this trip, I find I have fallen in love with Pingtan, and I want to record honestly what I have seen as well as my real feelings without flowery language.With a backpack on my back, I set foot on...[Detail]
"Pingtan Island breeds no grass but stones, with sand blown by the wind and blockhouse-like houses..." The old folk song depicts the deserted history of Pingtan Island. Pingtan Island is rich in granite, so local people build houses with rich granite resources. Blockhouse-like stone houses form the original ecological landscape with simpl...[Detail]
My roommate told me that Pingtan is very beautiful and people there are simple and honest. As China's fifth largest island, Pingtan is known as "Small Maldives" in Fujian, with the shortest distance between the mainland and Taiwan. So I decided to travel Pingtan during Qingming Festival.We took a train to Fuzhou, and then went to Ping...[Detail]