Xiaodeng Island, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Xiamen, even was once selected as the candidate of the top ten most beautiful villages in Fujian, though eventually defeated by Lvtang Village in Xiamen. People both having visiting Lvtang and Xiaodeng Villages may be surprised over such a result. Why such a beautiful place fallen in t...[Detail]
Originally we planned to go out at eight o'clock, but we did not get up till the hour hand had pointed to nine. Both of us were overslept. So we just quickly packed up and had our breakfast before starting out. Now we just arrived at the Guangdong-Fujian toll station and along the road further we would left Guangdong Province and entered Fujian...[Detail]
Having a weekend free, I took a ride with my friends to Tong’an District outside Xiamen Island. Our destination is Fantian Temple (also known as Brahma Temple), an ancient temple in southern Fujian. Fantian Temple is one of the most ancient Buddhism Temples in Fujian. It was initially build in 581 A.D. of Sui Dynast but was almost ruined in fires s...[Detail]
Xiamen is a true beautiful coastal city. If you have been to Xiamen, I bet you must have been to Gulangyu Islet and to Island Ring Road. And this time, I want to take you to experience the different beauty of Xiamen Compared with the crowded famous scenic spots, Wuyuanwan Wetland Park may be not so well known. But you will definitely consider ...[Detail]
As an extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the Railway Cultural Park, the old railroad once abandoned for many years, after repairs in recent years, now is re-opened as a cultural park to tell the story of Yingtan-Xiamen railway Xiamen section.The weather was very good at the weekend; the sun on the sky and and all varieties of bougainvillea b...[Detail]
Xiamen is a pleasant city where you can stay with great comfort. I paid a visit to Xiamen in January, and compared with the northern area in such winter period, Xiamen still seemed very vibrant, and the weather was not as cold as I expected.Surely one should never avoid Gulangyu Islet when he visits Xiamen. As one of China's most famous islands...[Detail]