Nine Carp Lake is located in Zhongshan Town, Xianyou. I recommended tourists from nearby cities like Fuqing and Quanzhou to come at weekends, enjoying fresh air in the mountain and different scenery.In the scenic spot, walk as indicated by signboards, and you will pass Lei Hong Ji and Tongxian Bridge. From the Relic of Ancient Glaciers, pass a wind...[Detail]
On Aug. 22, I set foot on another trip, leaving my busy colleagues behind.I had a great summer this year, during which I had two trips every month. Though all destinations were in nearby towns, I was satisfied.My first visit to Meizhou Island was in the May Day of 2006, and my only impression for it was messy environment, crowded tourists and terri...[Detail]
Kowloon Valley Forest Park, located in Juanxi, Changtai Town, Chengxiang District, Putian, Fujian, is long reputed as a garden of Putian. Bordering on provincial scenic area Nine Carp Lake, the park enjoys downstream falls ("Xia Jiu Li") of Nine Carp Lake. The park, with a distance of only 32km from Putian downtown, is accessible by takin...[Detail]
The Lantern Festival this year fell on a weekend, so I got the chance to celebrate it with my family in the hometown. My hometown, a seaside fishing village, doesn't have attractive weather and scenery as in Hainan. For all those years, it is always a piece of wilderness frequently visited by sea wind. At ordinary times, only signs of old man o...[Detail]
I first heard of Mulan Dam for its historical greatness in my first year of college but never got the chance to see it myself. At first, I believed that places that I knew but never visited were not worthwhile for a look, but then I found that some places are only worthy of a visit during right seasons. It seems that spring days are good for tour. ...[Detail]
Why Meizhou Island? Three reasons: incredibly blue sea, magnificent temples, and enchanting stories of Mazu.  Fujian has a sea goddess - Mazu (Lin Moniang), who is not a stranger to fishermen in coastal areas. Mazu, a goddess in China's South-East coastal areas, enjoys 200 million followers around the world. Mazu Temple in Meizhou Island i...[Detail]