Fujian Youxi-Ancient Guifeng Village: Carved Balustrades and Marble-like Steps Must Still Be There, but Rosy Faces Cannot Be as FairLocated in the northeast of Yangzhong Township, Youxi County, Sanming City of Fujian Province, Guifeng Village is a semi-alpine valley with an altitude of 550 meters. Surrounded by hills, clouds and mist, the village h...[Detail]
Jianning is the source of the Minjiang River, and has the highest peak in Fujian, the Jianning Mount Jinnao. Jianning is the geological mother of Fujian, for it had formed geological features 2.7 billion years ago. It is also the "hometown of Jian lotuses in China" and "hometown of Huanghua pears in China". In addition to these ...[Detail]
Golden Lake Sunset is the most brilliant and exciting view of the lake, rare to see for many visitors.Located in the World Geopark and World Natural Heritage, Taining County, Golden Lake is about eight kilometers away from the county. It is the largest artificial lake in Fujian Province. As a scenic spot with unique Danxia landform, Golden Lake is ...[Detail]
Life is about growth in constant personal experiences. This time, my destination is Taining.First, I visited the Big Golden Lake which consists of red mountains and blue water. Magnificent mountains are accompanied by elegant and gentle water, tempering hardness with softness, boldness with gracefulness. Standing outside the cabin, the breeze is re...[Detail]
Terraces are the greatest love of photographers. Yuanyang Terraces and Longji Terraces make many photographers lost in a reverie. People who have not been to Yuanyang will open eyes wide while talking of it, and those who have been to Yuanyuan all want to visit it again. Some even want to go there after eight visits. In contrast, Fujian Youxi Joint...[Detail]
How close the soul is to the nature indicates how far life is from the hustle and bustle. Far away from the hustle and bustle but not from the downtown, the Moon Creek-Sanming Hakka Cultural Park is known as the "most beautiful landscape masterpiece in Sanming riverside tourism galleries"! Purely pastoral, sun and rain, deep woods, green ...[Detail]