Getting familiar with the high-rises in city and rough courtyards in North China, you would definitely be touched by the Chongwu Ancient Town for its blue sea, romantic dovetail ridge, T-shaped stone steps, as well as the charming Hui’an women.Chongwu Ancient Town is the only well-conserved stone town of Ming Dynasty, and one of the over 60 castles...[Detail]
I have always had eyes only for China's traditional dwellings, especially red-brick houses in southern Fujian. However, as time changes, many traditional dwellings have been destroyed and demolished, or collapsed. These buildings are the heritage left by our ancestors, and the witness of history. It is really heart-breaking that most traditiona...[Detail]
Maybe Xiamen is the only place you know in Fujian, but when you visit Xiamen, you cannot miss an ancient town "Citong" which is only 100 km drive from Xiamen, and is also accessible to by EMU trains. This is Quanzhou today. Quanzhou is the cradle of China's Maritime Silk Road, and you can't fully enjoy its beauty without sightseei...[Detail]
Hui'an women, a special group residing in Hui'an County of Quanzhou (Huidong Peninsula), are well-known for their distinct dresses and hard-working custom. Narrowly speaking, Hui'an women refer to women on the Huidong Peninsula, mainly in four towns in the east of Hui'an - Chongwu, Shanxia, Jingfeng and Xiaozuo, and they are actuall...[Detail]
Qingyuan Mountain, as a symbol of Quanzhou City, has a stronger historical and cultural atmosphere than other attractions. First developed in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), Qingyuan Mountain thrived in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and peaked in the Song and Yuan Dynasties (960-1368). Centuries of development has left a large number of cultural relics...[Detail]
It was on an afternoon during the Spring Festival that I left Fuzhou for Quanzhou, and the street there was bustling with activities. In the city centre, our bus was even stuck in traffic jams, and it was at that moment that I had the time to enjoy legendary arcade buildings, and started my magic journey to this uniquely charming city near Xiamen.&...[Detail]