An S creek flows between mountains and breeze in the mountain brings fresh air, giving me a detached feeling.This is Taxia Village, a tranquil land of idyllic beauty in South China.Starting at the turning of Yuan and Ming dynasty, Taxia has experienced a history of over 600 years. Taxia is a typical Hakka residential structure. Earthen dwellings in...[Detail]
Though group tour has lost its popularity among tourists, it is the most convenient way for a one-day trip to earthen dwellings from Xiamen.Why group tour?Reason 1: As attractions in Nanjing Earthen Dwellings are scattered, free independent tourists have to transfer frequently and find it hard in time controlReason 2: Nanjing Earthen Dwellings is n...[Detail]
Nanding Island, an elliptical volcanic island emerged from beneath the sea, was the masterpiece of numerous volcanic eruption since 17 million years ago. Fantastic!Listed in China's Top 10 Islands by Chinese National Geography in 2015, Nanding is one and only beauty in the world. 1,400,000 basaltic rocks stand on the island, demonstrating the d...[Detail]
River trekking to today is a niche outdoor sport. It is exciting, common and even a bit of dangerous. I think that's why many tour lovers cannot say no to this cool sport.Does it look like a bucket? This is Shijiaotong, a valley hidden in a small village of Zhao'an Zhangzhou, and an ideal place for river trekking. Zhao'an in about ...[Detail]
Dongshan Island, called Tongshan Mountain in the past, is the second biggest island in Fujian Province. Nearly all who have visited Dongshan Island speak highly of it.Dongshan boasts clear sea, famous Feng Dong Shi (rolling rocks) and abundant seafood. Walking on the soft and white beaches of Dongshan Island, you can enjoy breezily windmills, light...[Detail]
Speaking of Zhangzhou, “Nanjing Earthen Dwellings", "Dongshan Island" and "Yun Shui Yao" are words that spring to mind. Liu'ao may not sound as familiar as these places, but you can never miss the blue sea here, just incredibly beautiful beyond imagination! Look!   I first heard of Liu'ao from picture...[Detail]