Setting off at 9:10, it’s about a 4-hour journey directly to Xiayang County from the highway bus station on South Hubin Road, Xiamen City. The routine is Xiamen – Zhangzhou – Nanjing - Xiayang. The road was bumpy, and I fell asleep soon. Sleeping has always made me miss beautiful landscapes. This time was no exception. Not aware of how long I had s...[Detail]
The “Peach Garden” conceived by Tao Yuanming is a plain place with nature, tranquility and mystery. The Zhuguan Village at Wan’an Town of Xinluo District in Longyan City seems like such a fairyland and also is a bright pearl from a remote mountain. Located at the intermountain hills and basins of Longyan, it is a historically and culturally famous ...[Detail]
There is a story broadly talked by Yongding people about the mystical Tulou that in the early 1960s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) found the things which were similar to nuclear reactors in mountains of western Fujian province in satellite pictures, causing a panic in the White House. Therefore, American intelligence personnel went to the T...[Detail]
Today I visited “Yongding Tulou”. After studying the route and conditions at scenic spots, I felt if I went there by myself form the tourist distributing center, it would not be more convenient and cheaper than the package tour. So we jointed a package tour with the price of RMB 118 / person. It was very convenient that we didn’t need to go to the ...[Detail]
Yongding Hakka Tulou is worth seeing, it is dated from the Tang Dynasty and gradually accepted by the local people at the turning of Yuan and Ming Dynasties. According to the introduction of tour guide, the construction of Tulou (earth building) was related to the defending against the invasion of bandits of south Fujian at that time. It was always...[Detail]
Spring Festival is coming. People want to go to the remote and easeful Fenghuang Ancient Town, but it is too far and crowded. Actually, Fenghuang is not the only option of ancient town. Today the editor will take you to walk into the ancient town in west Fujian with ancient and vicissitudinous city wall. At gentle and leisure time, you can enjoy in...[Detail]